New jetty heads for Faslane

WreckerL said:
Passed-over_Loggie said:
What's a typical 22,000 ton carrier?
Big grey thing, Very long flat casing with a bit sticking up one side and full of wafu's and a guess :wink:
Thems the things Wrecker, I an not sure they are aircraft carriers anymore? If any of our three are let out to play I think they are called Flag Officers Jolly Cruise Ship.



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Got to love the banana shaped jetty the floating jetty is attached to. Watched it being pulled up the loch, doubt they will use that towline again.
How come when I clicked the play button on the BBC page, I then had an advert for Cathay Pacific? Hmmm, BBC and advertising, any ideas anyone?
The BBC uses advertising on it's iplayer for any viewers outside of the UK. I guess you are in Spain?