New Iranian Submarine.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. The boat looks a bit toss , but the website looks really interesting and very professional .
  2. With a Fin about 1.5 metres (yes 150cm) and an above water length of less than 15 metres it is probally about effective as a submarine as my narrow boat 16 metres by 2 metes that I patrolled the Lee and Stort Navigation in.

    Just compare the man against the boat it more diddy that an x-craft.

  3. Yes Nutty it is a bit on the small side. Here`s a picture before they did the conversion.

  4. Looks a bit toss to me as well. Will let you know how good they are when we trail out the far east after refit!
  5. Just think it will only ever be used in the gulf.They only have to to declare that it is operational to get a few people worried,let alone trying to detect it!!
  6. Not that worried - believe it or not, the Andrew's got a new toy that might send this target back home (in pieces).

    BBC News

    Not sure what the dolphins will think but should scare the crap out of the crew if they try it on... 8)
  7. I am sure it wil still make the planners think twice about committing a unit without sanitising the area well first.The crew I am sure will be on a one way mission wearing lots of underpants and desperate to do a serious amount of damage!!

    There will a delay in sea trials as they are waiting for the arrival of special Mercury outboad motors. It was discovered that there wasn't enough room to place engines inside after they had not allowed for the number of crew required to man the boat

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