New Interview Process?

Just had my interview booked today.

The AFCO advised me that there is a new interview process that's just starting.

I've been sent a form to fill out (really basic stuff) and been told there will be some info that comes with my letter

Anyone had any experience with it?
I did my RT test today and my interview is booked for 5 days time, I found this strange because I thought the interview came last. I received a form to fill out about teamwork, etc. with space for examples.
I did my RT test today and my interview is booked for 5 days time, I found this strange because I thought the interview came last. I received a form to fill out about teamwork, etc. with space for examples.
I've read on here somewhere that there is a new style of interview as well as a new order in which they process applications. Sounds like yours has both new elements.
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I applied in November.
I've already done RT/Fitness Test/Medical

Been sent a form with some stuff to fill out, why I want to join, clubs I'm in/ have been in etc.
Yeah, they are going to be asking you about any events you have lead or organised, how you did it, what benefits you got from it.. Anything that required planning really. I know because I have only just applied on Friday. Had my presentation 2 weeks 1 day ago and told us all about it and how they will send letters before hand so we can prepare.



Could anyone tell me about the new interview process?
What type of questions they will be asking?
What type of categories will they be covering?

Any help would be much appreciated
Well, I've done my ICP, then my RT, and then you get info for your interview. The paperwork I have says you need to give examples of teamworking, describe your fitness preparations including swimming, demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of serving in the RN.

Give an example of problem solving- when you have had to solve a problem and what the outcome was.

A recent event you have planned and organised.

You need "A good understanding of the Naval Service and the job you want to do." For this, I've been reading the official website, writing down how long I will train, where etc.

Discipline- How you react to rules, what responsibilities do you have

Communication skills will be assessed throughout the interview.

I also have a bit of paper to fill in that has spaces for a membership of a youth organization I may be in, member of sports club, hobbies, time away from home, Work/education history and why you want to join the RN.
I would imagine the 'letter with info on it' may contain helpful info! The interview is to gauge that you are aware of what training entails and that you know a bit about the role and the demands of the navy; also to see if you as a person are suited (i imagine thats the purpose anyway, i am an applicant myself but seems to be what happens in interviews and by the questions they ask). So research your role, how you are preparing fitness wise etc. someone who says they hate being away from home, hate being part of a team and havent ever done any excercise for example might not be ideal- whereas someone who states that they are aware of the rigours of training and are actively preparing, and that perhaps havent lived away yet but have support at home and would relish the challenge might be more appealing. I am sure a careers advisor can give you more advice, but read the letter when it comes, get familiar with the role and think about what you can offer the navy as well as what it can offer you and enjoy it :)


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The Naval Service has adopted a different method of selecting suitable candidates at interview. Some will already have undergone the newer interview over the last couple of months. Those already interviewed and selected will not be "re-interviewed" unless they have failed a previous interview, suspended a previous application and re-applied or are re-joining the Armed Forces as a recruit or trained rank.

The interview still lasts about 45-60 minutes and we are exclusively assessing your suitability, not somebody else's

The following paragraphs include an extract from the letter inviting you to attend the interview - remember "Preparation is the key". There are no definitive answers and we're not interested in what other people may think about the "correct" answer, so don't over analyse what is required with regard the set scenario questions.

For this interview is more geared toward the individual researching & recalling specifically what training involves, the individual elements
Guidance on preparation for your Naval Service Competency Based Selection Interview.

On completion of the interview, you maybe asked to return later. You will then be informed of the selection decision.

During the interview you will be asked questions and encouraged to provide examples that demonstrate competency in the following areas:

Teamworking. (Of youworking with others). This could include examples of being a part of sports teams, group organisations and work. Ideally, competency examples should be within the last year.

Resilience. (Physical and Mental). You will be required to describe your physical fitness preparations including swimming. You need to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of serving in the Naval Service and how you have managed pressure in the past.

Problem Solving. This should be a fairly recent example of when you have had to solve a problem and provide details of how you resolved the issue and what the outcome was. Examples could be from any activity you are involved in, including work.

Planning and Organising. A recent event or activity that you have organised or/and planned.

Learning and Developing. You should have a good understanding of the Naval Service and the job you want to do, including the terms and conditions of service, training, roles and why you want to join the Naval Service and your job. You could also be asked on how you like to learn things and what you have done recently to develop/improve yourself.

Discipline. Looking at your interaction with people in authority and how you react to rules. What responsibilities do you have?

Communication skills. These will be assessed throughout the interview.

We realise that you may have spoken to other people who have applied for, or work within the RN/RM, about what to expect in the interview. However, please do not assume that any information they give you is accurate or up to date. We encourage you tothink for yourself and use this as an opportunity to ‘put your ‘best foot forward’ in your application to join the Royal Marines.

During the interview, it is important that you listen carefully to the questions and take time to think of a relevant answer. If you do not understand something, ask - this will ensure that you give the interviewer your best possible response.

The questions will be a combination of competency based questions (asking about situations when you have used a particular skill) and scenario questions (giving you a realistic situation that you could face in the RN/RM and asking you to outline how you would deal with that situation).

Competency Based Questions

Please note that you are not expected to have any specific experience for the role applied for but you can draw on your personal experiences from work, voluntary experience, education or from hobbies or interests.

We recommend that, before you come to the interview, you spend some time thinking about some specific times when you have used these skills in the recent past. Think about what the situation was, what you actually did, how it relates to using that skill (or why that skill was important in that situation) and what the outcome was. You may wish to consider the following guidelines when thinking about how to describe your use of these skills in the past!

Situation - What was the situation? What was the background and context?
Task- What were you trying to do/ what specific task did you need to accomplish?
Action- What action did you take? (Be careful not to talk about what ‘we’ did)
Result- What were the results of your actions? What was the impact?

Scenario Questions
There is no preparation required for you to respond to scenario questions. During the interview, you will be provided with all the information you need. Make sure you listen carefully to the question and take a few moments to think about your response before answering the question.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Armed Forces Careers Office.
Had my interview today.
Pretty simple to be honest if anyone's had a Competency based interview before.

I'm the wrong side of 25 though and have a reasonable amount of experience to draw on for this kind of thing.

I have no idea how I could've got through it as an 18 year old though. It seems like a flawed interview process to be honest and I'd imagine that a lot of enthusiastic yet inexperienced (in life, not their chosen role) may be failed. Maybe I'm just being grumpy & old though.

My advice to anyone else would be to use the letter and try & think of 2 examples for each of the points above. Doesn't matter how insignificant they are!
Try to enjoy talking about yourself. You won't sound like you're arrogant, it's the point of the interview is to big yourself up.
Be open and honest, I think the AFCO guys probably see enough people try and hide negative parts about themselves to be able to see through it and you'll probably gain some respect & credibility if you are aware of your flaws, truth is you'll probably have most of them beasted out of you in Raleigh anyway!

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