New Imports from the US for Saddo's

BBC - Newsbeat - American-style sugar daddy parties 'are coming to UK'
Can't see this going down well in Southsea, maybe a cheapy version of it where you pay the woman a compliment like "Where have you been for most of my Life?" She replies "For most of it I wasn't born!" Having established it can talk you nick a drink from a nearby table drop in a drop of the old date rape and away you go. Job done for less than 50pence. (excluding any charges for paper bags) Definately no Value added Tax


Lantern Swinger
One of the major criticisms about these events is that they are simply a form of prostitution.

Alan Schneider disagrees.

"No, it's not," he says.

"It's an understanding between both parties as adults to move forward at an introductory level that there's going to be compensation.
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are its a duck.
The worst thing is its amateur prostitution, you`re not even guaranteed a `good time`.
Guys the best part of the shag is the chase - if you're not good enough no drug is going to get you to first base if your ugly or boring just stick to shagging the Bosuns Mate when she gets off watch at 2359.

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