New Housing Charges

Evening all,

Currently in Canada and trying to find out about details on the new CAAS system for our next house.

Cant find any details on charges for the new system and everyone i ask keeps saying letters have been sent out.

Does anyone have a C grade house and if so what is the charge, i will be in Gosport so anyone in that area know any details?

Many thanks
They're still surveying the houses to make sure those in married patch pay the right amount for the house they have. Some have been found they are paying too much and some not enough. I don't think a confirmed list of costs is out yet

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Many thanks, what a suprise, so the new system comes in April and its not even confirmed what the charges are yet. Nothing like a rushed job....the house we are getting jumps from a C grade to an A grade within 2 years, so apparently its should be beg to differ mind you. Suppose its still cheaper than renting on Civ Street. just going to have to take that on the chin as usual.
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