New home for Royal!


Lantern Swinger
I was in the old accom there a couple of years ago on a Naval recruiting course and Ive

A) Never been colder!
B) Couldnt get a phone signal anywhere so was happy that there is a phonebox at the main gate and
C) Laughed my tits off when a pongo PTI came into the sauna and asked if I had paid a quid to use it"cos the base boss is charging everyone to use it to raise some money!!"

Cheeky pongo *******!!
I'm an ex Matelot working there!!!! It sucks.

Bovington really is the arse hole of the world. I thought some Jack bases were bad but sod all beats Bovi. I sympathise with anyone doing a course there. No pub near! Two years or so ago they had to build a bar outside the camp because the place didn't have one!!!! Even Cambletown had pubs FFS

Whilst Royal is already there/here there just ain't enough of them.


Lantern Swinger
Thats a good shout! I was on the Campbeltown and it is like Las Vegas compared to Bovington!!! We went up to that bar a few times to watch footy and it was utterly gash and full of delightful women in deployment teeshirts and stilletos(negat Ron Hills!). When I found out I had a SECOND WEEK there I nearly died!!

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