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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by michaela_AET, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Just thought i would say hello to you all! I've completed the selection process and am currently awaiting a date for HMS Raleigh. As you can see by my username i'm called Michaela and am joining as an AET
    I'll try not to be a pain in the arse or ask any stupid questions lol

    oh and if anyone is wondering about my ocean avatar its because my dad is an ME on there, i thought i should represent :lol:
  2. Hello there young man and welcome to the show.Uncle Monty will be along soon to give you the RR test and maybe even a full medical if he gets time.Nice to see that you use English as a first language unlike the recent lot of chavs that have joined up.Have fun :D :D
  3. I'm a lass ;) probably one of only a small minority as an AET!
    I'll look forward to that test lol
    and thank you, it's always better to use proper English..there's a time and a place for the use of words like "C U L8r" and i'm not on my mobile phone at this moment so this it not it :D
  4. Just teasing you young man :lol: :lol:
  5. Okay old lady..that's quite alright :lol:
  6. Hig the Pig will be nice to you as a potential Airy Fairy but beware of Submariners.

    Welcome to the mad house and remember 98% of abuse is banter and fairly standard Pusser(RN) way of doing things if you just remember "That fecking wnaker cnut"! if more than likely what you will be calling your best oppo(mate) and is not a term of abuse more of endearment.

  7. Thanks for the advice Nutty :)
    I was expecting that really anyway, its all part of navy life!!
  8. And if anyone tells you that wannabepilot has had nork implants.........sorry am I not supposed to say that? :oops: :oops:
  9. what are nork implants? i do have a lot to learn lol
  10. Oi you fcukers!! Have just seen this... 8O
  11. She's got more plastic than a Barbie doll :wink:
  12. Oh ................hello pilot,fancy seeing you here..........I was just going to explain to the new young man about the lying scumbags that hang around here.....but go ,you take over
  13. Well Dr Z quite frankly i'm astounded, I can't believe you betrayed me... our relationship clearly amounted to nothing- I will seriously have to review this...

    Cnut!! Good job I don't care eh.. well even if i did- it's too bloody late now anyway

    I may give you an earbashing on PM for your betrayal :-O
  14. Oh and you 4to8 your not getting off this lightly either! :)
  15. there there wannabe, don't let the nasty men upset you, come to your uncle scrumpy, I like plastic norks they're my flexible friends.
  16. I'm still waiting for that bashing.
  17. To quote Nutty

    Hig the Pig will be nice to you as a potential Airy Fairy but beware of Submariners.

    Welcome to the site, I should really ask you.........................................

    But I won`t, not yet, not untill we know a little more about you...........

    Oh Bollocks, is a blow job out of the question?
  18. ahh i get it now lol

    and hello hig :lol:

    now can anybody direct me to the crab bashing thread...thats where all the fun is at :lol:
  19. Amigo,did you notice how the lights went out when you used those words ? Every hacienda for miles went deathly silent.........for there is only room for one uncle in this forum..............and when he has put Maddy to will regret your challenge to his position.
    dadidadia didaaaaaaaaaa da

  20. Welcome aboard mate,
    If you need any advice just come see Uncle Matt and I will tell you the best information going.

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