Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by popeye123, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi All
    I am an Irish Naval Reserve Officer and am saying hello.
    Interesting to note we have some of the same problems with retention of Pers ect.
  2. Welcome aboard popeye.

    You still shagging Olive ?
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Welcome shippers, why would anyone need a Navy anyway, not as if we are Island nations is it :?
  4. Absoutly,
    We always looked accross the Pond with envy at the greatest Navy in the world ,but it is hard to belive that the UK Govt are ripping it to the bone.
    Old but true saying, YOU DON'T MISS SOMETHING TILL ITS' GONE, sad times.
  5. Welcome Popeye.

    It's not good to hear about other nations having the same problems we are.

  6. Yeah,
    Gotta get rid of the Army, although the govt are building new ships 3 in total as well as upgrading reserve training craft
  7. I had a good friend who was a sergeant in the Irish Air force……. he used to have to turn to now and then to get the presidents Lear jet out of the hanger….then after it took off he went home.
    Last time I seen him was in the Molly Malone in Tenerife (Veronicas) where he was the resident singer….

    Er. welcome to the forum
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Where do we join? Look everybody, the Irish have reserve training craft while we in the RNR, a branch of the naval service that brought forth heroes such as Nelson, Drake, Collingwood, Jervis, Fisher et al, the navy that once boasted of being bigger than the rest of the worlds' navies, etc., we are reduced to being rent-a-muppet guards on the cheap! Ah, well how time change :)

    Oh and welcome popeye, I had a brilliant run-ashore a few years back in Cork when the Ledbury visited in company with the Chiddingfold (I think). We were extremely well hosted by the SR Mess at Haulbowline although the mess pres and his deputy were quite intimidating - one being a Cork man the other a Dubliner, we were compelled to alternate between the bi-partisan beers on offer (hic!). Its nice to see the traditions of the naval service (and consequent hangovers) transcend international boundaries :)
  9. The Aer Corps are pretty much finished doing Naval Ops now that they have sold off their Dauphins, still they operate the Cassa patrol aircraft in support of the Navy, going on one on Fri which should be good fun.

    Its great to see the White Ensign flying in Cork again, most crews enjoy the run ashore, a guy got 3 years in prison last year for an attempted petrol bomb attack on the Manchester I think, the judge told him he was luck he wasn't shot by the Police or the RN.

    We are spending about 1 million Euro on the new traing launch, she will be something like HM Customs cutters, it will be a big step up for us but a great challange.
    Excuse Typos please( 2 small kids running around the house and 1 has chicken pox) luckey to be at pc at all.
  11. Please don't get me wrong as I welcome your positive feedback but this is a refreshing attitude compared to my last visit to Cork where I got given an hour and a half lecture on how evil we Brits were, which I had to smile through!

    I guess our two countries have a equal distribution of complete t*ssers and decent chaps!!

    Anyhow welcome aboard.
  12. Phil you are right, its amazing how people still give out about the Brits while wearing a Man U shirt that they bought in Debenhams and then go home to watch East Enders on BBC.
    They forget the SAR cover that the RN and RAF provided when our own Govt could not afford to , and the Brits never failed to answer tha call, still I think the vast majority now don't harp on about the 800 years of opression.
  13. Welcome aboard shippers.
  14. Thank you CRYSTALTIPS
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On my trip to Cork courtesy of the Gray Funnel Line, we were given a four day lecture on dos and don'ts in the week leading to the visit; daily oredersx was full of "Don't go ashore in large groups; don't go ashore alone or in small groups; no Union Flag t-shirts, no Union Flag shorts, no trapping the local girls; etc.". On the Friday of arrival the SR Mess was sat there wondering whether to even bother going ashore with all the dire warnings, but sense prevailed. We headed out of the gate towards the local Garda Club (where we thought we'd be relatively safe from the COs rules!); as we where crossing the bridge just outside the dockyard gate a local spotted us and crossed the road towards us - my immediate thought was "here comes trouble", but I was wrong. He'd crossed the road to welcome us with the words "Good to see you lads, we need to see more of you lot over here." and so started a very enjoyable run ashore. The rule of thumb given by one of the Irish Senior Rates was if you can pronounce the name of a bar you'll be OK (but conversely not being able to provide the Irish name didn't guarantee a kicking!). There was a demonstration against our presence by local Republican sympathisers, however, the 17 demonstraotrs were outnumbered by the 20 security forces on the dock.

    When talking to my Dad later it turned out that he'd had a similar experience in the 50s - his ship had visited Cork and a demosntration had taken place on a wet and miserable day - the end of the protest was signalled by the OOD arranging for hot drinks to be provided for all! :)

    Now if we could only rid ourselves of our so called "leaders", be they political or religious, telling us how to think, it strikes me that the world would be a better place.
  16. Welcome Popeye, hope you enjoy the company. Now that we have one of yours I will have to find the words of that folk song about the Irish Navy, one line was something about being home for tea.

    Flags, I suspect if you had not had the days of indoctrination Jack would have been his usual self and caused a riot, being a trifle cautious allowed both sides to see the better side of everything.
  17. The Cliona ,the Mave and the Macha, the pride of the Irish Navy,
    When the Capt he blows on his whistle,
    The crew go home for their tea.

    Bit different today with the ships spending 180 days at sea each year.
  18. Hi Wonderer,
    Great to find a good Naval Forum on the net, found an Americian one called I think, but I got banned as the Yanks seem to have a sense of humor losss
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think you'll find the big difference is that they has a sense of humor while the vast majority of the English speaking world have a sense of humour. Its these single letters being so powerful - the missing "u" in Americanese has emasculated them; a further example of the power of siungle letters is letter "H" - its so powerful that in certain contexts it attract helicopters while in others its a magnet for ambulances and sick people! :)

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