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Discussion in 'RMR' started by cc123, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm new on this site but so far made some enquires on ARRSE with regards to joining my local TA unit which is an infantry unit.

    I've also had a few PM's to say why not try Para, RLC, REME etc but I'm still curious about the RMR.

    I done PRMC back in 2002 which I have to say I never made it to the end of, I had to pull out on day 2 after the 3 mile run as I was carrying an injury from the day before and didn't want to fail. Needless to say I done more damage than good and never got to do gym test 2.

    Forward on a few years and I'm still intersted in a military career of sorts but I'm in a good position with my home life and job and see the reserve post as the way forward.

    I'm aware that RMR Scotland is having a selection come April but that leaves me about 2 months to get my erse into some sort of shape. I've only started recently training again after a lay off and I'm carrying a stone more weight than I was when I done PRMC!

    Should I contact the RMR guys and see about the holding troop (if there is one and train my erse off) or is 2 months too short to get prepared for the selection?

    For PRMC I trained for 8 solid months and found it tough going, I know mentally whats required but afraid I might not be ready physically. Will the holding troop whip me into shape in 2 months if I'm committed enough?

    I keep thinking do the TA and get in someway but I feel I might be letting myself down if I don't aim higher...

  2. 2 months is probably gonna be cutting it fine, especially if you have a family and job to think about as well.

    holding troop is one night a week and on its own will not do much for you, its what you do in your own time that counts, i dont know how often RMR scotland intakes are but is it not possible to just wait for the next one? i know its demoralising but it does come round quickly, trust me!

    you know you want to do RMR so go for it.
  3. I think two months is more than plenty?

    It'll take three weeks to get the running sorted. Bang out the push/pull/sits/burpees in sets every morning and evening. Find a hill and run up the ******! You will be surprised.

    RMR all the way
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm with NZ bootneck here, once you've done three weeks training the phyizz you do on the PRC you'll be able to do in one morning session before a NAFFI break, we're not talking superman shite you'll get built up gradually with a big fcuk off learning curve, but it is achievable, many have done it and many will. best off luck to you but you need the right attitude, you cant wimp evertime you break a fingernail, if you'd have carried on with an injury on your PRC who's to say the training team wouldn't have said "he's got guts, lets give him a go before he hurts himself"
  5. Hi, Sorry to be so frank but if you asking these questions about the RMR/fitness etc,
    You are asking other people to think on what you should and shouldn't be doing, if you want it bad , you will do it, no question of that.

    I would be inclined to leave the intake until later on in the year if there is one and between now and then is get your fitness and mental approach 190% right, because if you fail again then you will never be focused to try again for the RMR

    Good luck let us all know how you get on.

  6. I have 2 concerns:-

    1st your ability to differentiate between the TA and the RMR and what is required!
    2nd, thinking that 2 months is not long enough to prepare for the selection weekend!

    From this day you have roughly 70 days of training, all aimed at passing the Selection. However the Selection is not entirely based on fitness.

    They require the full package:-

    Ability – None Biff like movements!

    Now, grow a pair of balls… call the unit 0141 445 6020 RMR Scotland and commit yourself to this next intake.

  7. I went from zero fitness and picked up an injury, its not like I didn't want it enough. Plus it took the best part of 6-7 months just to get through the whole process tp PRMC, I had no idea what it was going to be like.

    Harry, I've got a fair idea its night and day between what is required for TA and RMR......when is the best time to phone and speak to someone on that number???
  8. Phoned them, need to call back on tuesday and speak to the C.Sgt then to see about applying.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    well done.
  10. What for, only phoned them thus far!!.....if they do a holding troop combined with my own training well, who knows eh?
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    for taking the first step.....donut.
  12. This is what gets on my goat.... guys call up the RMR and are told to call back some other time..... drip, drip, f'n drip!

    They should have taken your details and HAVE the C/Sgt call you back.

    Again, as wet_blobby said good effort on your first step to (fingers crossed) becoming a Royal Marine Reservist.

    Let us know how you get on Tuesday.

  13. First step is why I get an applicaiton in!!

    Guy was no help at all, reason I asked is I've phoned TA places before only to get an answering machine day after day. At least I've got the guys name and will get a meeting arranged ASAP.
  14. Looking forward to future instalments!!

    Hands up those who have been answered with!!

    So you are in the Army!!

    So you are in the TA!!

    Having said that met a few good welsh TA regiments when competing in the "CAMBRIAN MARCH"

    The object of the exercise is when approaching a army patrol on a mountain track or any good marching area forgetting you are tired and knackered. Speed march past and shout "Morning Lads" then collapse in a heap round the corner!! It works wonders for demoralising the opposition.

    "THE ARMY" put this as one of the hardest challenges they do and you are presented with a certificate on completion.

    As told before the start by C/SGT Jackson[JACKO] this is just something we do as norm and it is nothing special to write home about so just go do it. True to form it pissed down every foot[not into metres] of the way.
  15. ^^ I'll let you know how I get on and progress on my physical state!

    Mostly running this weekend then.... :twisted:

  16. CC123

    Get round your mates and encourage one of them to join the RMR with you - there is nothing that will make you train as hard, as having a buddy to drive you on. When your down he will encourage you on and vice verse.

    I live in Edinburgh and am also about to join Holding Troop for RMR Scotland - You have the Pentlands, Arthurs Seat and the Braid hills all within 7 miles of each other - get out and run them mate. We are lucky to have such training grounds on our doorstep.

    Work hard and 2 months is plenty of time to prepare for Selection!! Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, hill sprints and running. The PTI at Holding Troop will advise further.

    Go for it and good luck

  17. So cc123, did you get yourself signed up for the next intake?

  18. Bloody hell, go away to a bloody grate sandpit to top up me suntan for a few months and some buggers taken me name!

    Well you can keep your hand's off of my underpants lofty.
  19. For goodness sake stop this shti! I am fed up with listening to newbies asking questions about phys. On this thread, running 3 miles is a big deal! Do you know what? When I was on training teams at CTC i used to give recruits shit by pointing out that many non-commandos can fcuking yomp! (just as I always tell paras any cnut can jump out of an aircraft ... cf little old ladies). Anybody can yomp (unless you are Infantry carrying real ammo). That is why, after the initial brief and running their arses off, I used to show pics of e.g poor people with 25kg on their backs; starving people with 34+kg on their backs walking up to 6-15K to water taps AND then walking back. Finally, I used to do 50 burpees for new recruits (the last 20 meant I was throwing up and wobbling ... the point being one can go beyond what one thinks one can do) ... etc. So stay cool. You are not the first. And draw upon THAT as your strength. In other otherwords, grit your teeth and do your best. There are no shortcuts. And all the advice in the world will not get you your well deserved Green Beret. Get stuck in, and "Good luck". We have faith in you. 'nuff said. lou

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