new guy looking for some advice & opinions about previous experience for SG2 role

Discussion in 'RFA' started by watercooled76, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Hi ,
    I'm currently waiting for my interview in February.
    I have a freight RO/RO ferry background in loading planning/ supervision.
    honestly do you guys think my skills & experience would be transferable. ( I was shore based )
    i used to plan the load with deck weights out of gauge loads and plan hazardous stowage . then locate all the equipment unaccompanied rigid trucks cars articulated trucks and dropped articulated trailers .

    any advice and opinions would be appreciated pm me i would be happy to hear from you

    kind Regards

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
  2. Transferable to the Chief Mate's job, not an SG2.
  3. thanks for the info . :)
  4. Have you considered applying for a cadetship?
  5. one of the submarine officer roles is trimming officer, where he has to calculate all stores and fluids onboard so the boat is close to a known trim when it first dives, they quite often get it wrong, especially when comming out of refit and the dockyard are tons of balast light.
  6. R F A sumo.... they dont have subs :-D
  7. I have considered applying for a cadetship but most employers don't want to know because i'm 35.
    I went to the south tine-side open day last year and because i don't have A levels and am not fresh out of school the sponsor employers virtually all said no. even with the likes of function 9 Imdg cert (shore based)
    The RFA were the only ones to show interest I was advised to go for sg2

    I just want a job that could become a career. ill try and work my way up if i have to
  8. i used to have to plan and load the ferries to help adjust trim for bad weather . was a bit of a nightmare loading the heavy stuff first or to the last to the last for the ships .
    2 ships had the superstructure at the bow and 2 were aft
    trying to redo your load plan halfway through the 3 hour turnaround was not fun
  9. He was after advice so I gave it, don’t be a target become a submariner, you know it makes sense?
    His skills could be transferable, just what out for store Beer. :sign7:
  10. I was being sarcastic old chum

    Low humour but humour all the same

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