New guy here... looking at being an AET.


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Dabs said:
Bisley said:
ooooooohhh DABS did we get out of the wrong side of bed today. TUT TUT obviously a failed steward!!
There's such a thing? :eek:

Are just been reliably informed from the man in the know. Failed steward branch does exist. Called Regulating branch :lol: soory as they like to be called now Naval Service policemen 8O


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Seadog said:
Bisley wrote

foundation degree

It's still a fcuking HND-a foundation for a degree-if the candidate is up to it.

Calm down Seadog. I know its a glorified HND but i dont work for the education department who brought in those renamed HND's to make them sound good
:D Fleet Air Arm, best kept secret about the RN. 21 years and only 4 years Sea Time, most of that spent front line stuck on an air station or swaning of to the States by air.

Now stuck in East Midlands working with the Crabs. Fluffy uniforms and top food. :D

All I can say is!!!!



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I know its a glorified HND

Nothing 'glorified' about it Bisley. It's just an HND, more than is really required by hands on maintainers. CDF, supervision and a RATS toolkit is more important.
couldnt agree more JointForceHarrier, 16 years Harrier (all true blue- never the other barstewards) and only 6 years on me LSSB. neighbour two doors down has done 6 years as a chef just got his hook and already up to 5 years. makes him sick when the wafus in the street tell him the truths.

as they say at all careers offices join the navy son and you can fix aircraft - never do they say join the navy and you can iron an officers shirt, wipe his plate clean, peel spuds or give out items of stores with the biggest sulk on your face because you cant go upstairs.

8 on 8 off - dont make me laugh we where always going to night fliers and that was after a few beers in the mess


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4 years JHF, 21 years and 6 days, only 2 on a pussers ship you old seadog you. Mind you I have had to put up with loads of utterly utterly useless crabs and and the poorly classified REME "craftsmen".


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Aaron, from my understanding you need to be quite academically bright to gain fast promotion if that is what you are after, In my day Late 80`s on course it was dogwatch sports, Brickwoods, Rugby etc, some of my mates on POAET`s course AND LAET`s course do dogwatch academic instruction to pass the course, extra Maths and Physics. No longer weeks and weeks of tin bashing for the Grubbers.
Thus in theory you will be a clever B*stard, however practically you will struggle to join to bits of metal together. If thats what the Navy wants thats fine.
Advice start an A level maths course or MST121 with the Open University it will give you an overview of what to expect (and will be harder than AET course material) GCSE physics or OU course. AET course will be then alot easier for you and you will give yourself a better crack at Fastrack promotion if you so desire.

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