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Lantern Swinger
I personally am a strong Linkin Park and Green Day fan. I find their music great to train to and get a lot of inspiration from it. They give me more drive and determination and allow me to reach higher limits through the physical pain barrier.

I've just bought the new Green day album and believe the track "Do you know you Enemy" to be supurb.

Green Day are for me, the modern day CLASH and a great group to follow. I'm now waiting in anticipation for the next Linkin Park Album.

Anybody else into these groups?



Lantern Swinger
I have known a few mates who like Green Day, but i have never been a fan, am more Rnb, i do however like bands such as Kings of Leon ( I do hate Sex on Fire and Use Somebody, it has been overplayed) and Nickelback are also brilliant.

I also like the oldies, e.g 70s and 80s lol

I hate Rave or anythin that has got anything to do with chavs
I've been waiting for this album for ages, thought American Idiot was excellent and listening to 21st Century Breakdown now on Spotify - pretty good I think. KOL are not bad, preferred Aha Shake Heartbreak, much more intriguing musically than the latest effort, which although well executed is a bit 'poppy' for me, I tend to lean more towards the proggy side of things (Gentle Giant, Dream Theater etc.)
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