New Govt. moral boost for the forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. I really hope not, but I'll not be holding my breath. Our present batch of politicians seem to be making a mess of pretty much all that they do!
  3. When I read the title I thought that HM Govt had resigned en masse.

    One lives in hope.
  4. Is that just a polite way of being booted out cause you are un-fit to serve? and we can fill your space with a healthy body?.
    What worries me is that once on the outside war vets get no respect whats so ever, and i can really see them struggling to adjust to normal life and find work. Its never easy as the PMs make out to be.
  5. This is typical from what we have come to expect from this shoddy excuse for a government. Those injured in service and still capable of fulfilling a needed and useful role in the forces should be retained. The only cuts they do not seem necessary to cut are the appointment of a "spin merchant" for Mr Berk crow the new speaker of the house at £100k and their "decorating allowance! :twisted:
  6. You seem to have forgotten about the shabby way disabled Falkland vets were treated by the Thatcher government. At the Victory Parade in 1982 they were hidden from public view! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    What we need is a legal requirement for all Defence Ministers and the PM to have served and experienced battle at close quarters - as ordinary service personnel. I won't hold my breath! :roll:
  7. As well as many badly injured Servicemen and women who deserve to be kept within the fold for as long as they need and want, there are probably others in a restricted medcat who could be eased out. They should, of course, receive a fair pension and good and continuing advice and assistance. Remember that the pension can often be tax free if the cause of invaliding is attributable to service. As ever, the picture is not nearly so simple as it is painted in the popular press.
  8. I haven't forgotten the shabby way disabled Falkland Vets were treated.
    Being onboard of one of the first ships to sail South I remember it quite vividly. Having lost one of my oppos I joined up with at Ganges down there, I remember it well. I wasn't invited to London, but then again, I do remember that those disabled in the conflict were kept hidden. Later I used to run the Medical Boards of Survey in Clarence Yard and have a greater insight into disability and invaliding. I agree with the Wardmaster on that one.
    I do agree that all Defence Ministers should have in depth knowledge about Defence and its importance in the peacetime and conflict roles of all our armed forces, and not some third rate person who has no interest except for their own survival in Government.
    This isn't a personal attack on you, as I do agree with your abhoration with the way the Government looks after its forces and I know that is what you were trying to say......Have you still got the Tiff... Seems that I've lost the remote detonation switch for him! :wink:
  9. Personally, I found it quite devastating when I left the MOB never been able to return and meet old oppo's
    The minute you walk out the gate for the last time, that is it No ID CARD then ZILCH
    (At least in OZ they have dockyard access and to naval clubs (naffi) within Naval establishments)

    To have served and recieved an injury and not be allowed to stay must be even more traumatic

    I feel sure they could be accomodated in some shore role, admin type thing
    (I realise this would be like taking shore jobs from those that serve at sea, though I am sure those that serve would appreciate it if they were to become in the same boat)

    Just a thought

    Jack McH

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