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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NASAAN101, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello All,
    I found this, looking for something else, And finally just sign up.. Here is a little about me: I'm 26 years old.. But i Have ADD.. which mean, Attention Deficit Disorder. but I'm on a higher level them most of my other friends with this, But I'm also MR. But i don't went that to scare anyone off from being my friend on here.. I'm also big in to WW2, just the navy side of the war! Both Allied and Axis side, have some great ships. Talk to you all later ok. But other thing, you guys need to know about me is I like play what IF, and dont know how you guys feel about that?
  2. Guys,
    what i mean is: take the bismarck fight, when it was just him against for ships, and Prinz Eugen showed up, and the two Heavy heavy crusiers took, her. that type of thing!
  3. Guys,
    i was never trying to come off sound like a butt head, i just wanted to know what you guys through about that, that all.. plus, i had a consin, in the US navy, so there were my Interest in the navy came from, plus, the British had a few cool ships in WW 2 and all that..
  4. Welcome Nicole

    Afraid your showing typical Septic knowledge of the war. Bismarck sailed in company of Prinz Eugen when they fought the Hood and Prince of Wales (Hood a battlecruiser and PoW a battleship). Prinz Eugen had to return to port and Bismarck was tracked and then destroyed by Force H and some others (in a nutshell)

    Pedant mode off
  5. ya, i know.. but any way, my WW2 list from Britain is this:
    The British Navy:
    Battle ships
    HMS King George V
    HMS Prince of Wales
    HMS Duke of York
    HMS Nelson
    HMS Rondey
    HMS Ramillies
    HMS Revenge
    HMS Hood
    HMS Renown
    HMS Repulse
    Heavy Cruisers
    HMS Devonshire
    HMS Dorsetshire
    HMS Cornwall
    HMS Cumberland
    HMS Exeter
    HMS Suffolk
    HMS Norfolk
    Light Cruisers
    HMS Belfast
    HMS Edinburgh
    HMS Dido
    HMS Hermione
    HMS Ajax
    HMS Newcastle
    HMS Birmingham
    HMS Manchester
    HMS Sheffield
    HMS Southampton
    HMS Kenya
    HMS Galatea
    HMS Jamaica
    HMS Acasta
    HMS Ardent
    HMS Cossack
    HMS Maori
    HMS Mashona
    HMS Sikh
    HMS Savage
    HMS Tartar
    HMS Zulu
    HMS Active
    HMS Inglefield
    HMS Intrepid
    HMS Lance
    HMS Punjabi
    HMS Achates
    HMS Antelope
    HMS Anthony
    HMS Echo
    HMS Electra
    HMS Icarus
    HMS Glowworm..
    Let me know what you guys thing!
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    We had a ship called Anthony? Thank God blair wasn't strong on history or we'd have another one by now.
  7. Shorter, sweeter version: Check Wikipedia.

    Have a nice day x :)
  8. I thing yoo mussed out a lort of sheeps, we had abaht 200 distoyers, Excise spooling i'm usong US spill chock

    Edited to add Glowworm was a carrier I believe
  9. HMS glowworm, took on Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper, during the German invasion of Norway (Operation Weserübung) in spril of 1940.. but i do have a question HMS Hood, renown and Repulse, i know Hood was a battle cruiser with Battleship guns and what about Renown and her sister?
    PS, Guys, Please Understand, Im still learning, that why im here, hoping you guys can explain stuff to me!!
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Polaris submarines. Edit, Resolution class.
  11. your almost, right! there are Three ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Glowworm after the insect, whilst two more were planned:

    * Glowworm, was briefly the name of a coastal destroyer launched on 12 December 1906 and renamed HMS TB7. It was sold in May 1921.

    * Glowworm, an Insect class gunboat, launched on 5 February 1916 and sold in 1928.

    * Glowworm, a G-class destroyer launched on 22 July 1935, sunk on 8 April 1940 by the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper off Norway.
  12. Ah yes, the very assualt lending to the initial usage of the old name "Jack Tar" :thumbleft:

    Fantastic reading.
  13. guys,
    [...] were Can a fine a Book on Admiral John Tovey?
  14. Hello again Nikki,

    Re: guys…………were Can a fine a Book on Admiral John Tovey?

    Fine or FIND ??? :roll: :roll:

    ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET LORD TOVEY of Langton Matravers, G.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., D.C.L. (b. 1885 d. 1971)


    Just for you, I Googled and here are some results, gratis.
    Please check them out yourself.


    I liked this particular QUOTE “……He had an impish sense of humour :twisted: and loved nothing better than a successful leg-pull……â€UNQUOTE

    Does that sound a just little familiar to you?
    In the RN it is what we do… take no offence.


    PS Please come back when you have found your book and used up all of your Crayons.
  15. Sorry, My spilling bad, i should have spilled checked that.. i have always like Admiral John Tovey and Sir Bruce Fraser. they were two of my favorite Admirals in WW2.. Not only that, i have a lot of respect for the royal Navy, in WW 2, Britain, was on her own, til, the US got involved in Dec. 1941.
  16. i have always like Admiral John Tovey and Sir Bruce Fraser. they were two of my favorite Admirals in WW2.. Not only that, i have a lot of respect for the royal Navy, in WW 2, Britain, was on her own, til, the US got involved in Dec. 1941. what do you guys thing?
  17. Anyway, From what i real the US Navy and Britain Navy, have always had a good relatonship, how true is that?
  18. guys,
    no, picking one for this: Guys,
    This is kind of the same idea, but it's a little bit difference then one we did on here About Her vs. the two heavy cruisers Norfolk and Dorsetshire. If Renown and Repulse went up against PE, could they handle her, and get a tow line on her to keep her from helping her brother Bismarck in his last fight against KGV, Rodney, Norfolk and Dorsetshire?

    I guess what i was trying to ask is could they hold on to her with the towlines til, bismarck got sank, then when KGV and Rodney, when back to scapa flow, the four of them take her back with them, but if they able to get a prize crew on board, they dont have to two her, but say in a net around her, so she can run for freedom, that what i meant ok..

    What i mean by getting in a net around her with KGV, Rodney,behind her and Renown, her sister on each side of PE! if she gets in to a wiggle and squirming mood, how do they handle her or is she dog meat? And Explain why, it would help me understand better? im keeping it here!
  19. Catching PRINZ EUGEN with a net does sound like a jolly humane way of conducting sea warfare. I’m sure the late Fuhrer wouldn’t have been too amused with it, though. One assumes that her 8 x 8â€and12 x 4†guns and the 12 torpedo tubes would have been permanently silenced without sinking her, of course.

    I take it, young lady (I assume), you’ve studied the engagement beyond the pages of Wikipedia?
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