New French Naval Motto!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Rincewind, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. French Minister of the Armed Forces decided that the French Navy needed a new motto - they wanted to make sure they didn't make the same mistake as the old English one of "feel a new man everyday"

    So they came up with "to the water, it is time"........or in french....

    a l'eau, c'est l'heure. (say it again quickly in your best allo allo accent!!)
  2. Awe inspiring, I can just see the French Navy recruiting offices being overrun.
  3. Priceless, where is 'Officer Crabtree' when you need him?
  4. :thumright: BZ Rincewind, had me spluttering over the keyboard

    Just this min forwarded it to a pal in the RCN Reserve ..... :lol:
  5. giggling like hell, thanks.
  6. Go to google and type in FRENCH MILLITARY VICTORIES.
    "Are survey said "
  7. Just like they were in 1940. :w00t:
  8. To the bar, it is time...
  9. Dont forget your rubber ring,Mon Amiee
  10. Brilliant!
  11. Interesting to think the only invader they have thrown out on theirown is the English.
  12. Contributor Mode


    I think they may have had a little assistance from the P/Jocks their allies for hundreds of years. Also they had home advantage.


    What do you call a pretty girl in Edinburgh "English"
  13. Nutty

    I'm glad you think our contibution was that effective, usually we are told we were useless, thanks for the compliment.

    That's because so many of them come up here trying to trap Scotsmen, anothe compliment, doing well this morning Nutty.
  14. Maxi

    Complements where they are due, the violent nature of Jocks is well understood South of the Border. It is also nice to know that we are in agreement that 98% of Jock women are plug ugly.


    I have no doubt your Missus, if Scottish, comes from the other 2%.
  15. In general we keep the attractive ones away from the outsiders, just like we keep the best malt for ourselves.
  16. Thought it was tourist myself :bball:
  17. A Scottish girl once called me a fat English Bastewrd. I told I can lose weight but she would still be ugly!!
  18. Slightly off subject.

    Maxi, Jocks are actually all right. In a list of 1001 good things about Scotland/Jocks the first 999 are whisky; no 1000, loads of good Scottish soldiers; 1001 several Scottish inventions. Perhaps 1002, good Scottish sailors?

    Nutty, you are so smooth talking you should have been a politician,
    or a used-car salesman.
  19. I think Nutty would opt for the used car salesman, it has more social standing

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