New French Motoring requirement 1st July 2012

For all of you who enjoy motoring in France - along with the normal First Aid Kit, Warning Triangle, Yellow Hi Viz jacket (one for each passenger) Headlight adapters - as from 1st July the Frogs have now brought out another "Must Have" item which must be carried ... A breathalyser! Seems that The Frogs are too piso to have their own so every motorist must carry one! WARNING!!! If they stop you and they use your breathalyser and it proves negative then unless you have a spare they do you for not carrying the required kit! Also the breathalysers must be approved for use in France and not all available are!

Amazon flog a nice little "twin pack" £5.99 delivered free.
Alcosense ALCNFTWIN French NF Approved Breathalyser (Twin Pack): Car & Motorbike

Also available in Halford at same price!
A Good site Tre! Interesting bit about "Sat Nav's" and not to have the fixed site Speed Camera's noted as a point of interest! 1500 Euro fine if they catch you with a Tom Tom that tells you where the speed traps are!
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