New Flag for Australia. Can yo design a better one?

Looks too much like the SA flag. Aus flag should have some leg-irons (celebrate their roots) with a can of fosters next to a barbie with crossed boomerangs over the lot.

Being Antipodean Rummers may have a couple of ideas.


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The background plain, the colour of the Red Centre. Five cans of Foster's arranged in the shape of the Southern Cross. And a row of corks hanging from the lower edge of the flag.
How about the blood soaked corpse of Les Patterson hanging from the jaws of a great white, with Kylie on the back of Skippy surfing to the rescue, with ayres rock in the background and a boomerang with corks on
Bill bryson said, the whole country,(Australia) seems dedicated to killing people, plants, animals, insects, climate, so how about just a skull (in a bush hat) and crossbones


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Prisoners of mother England
See, I've never really understood that. Surely the Aussies themselves are the prisoners of Mother England, because:
1. They cam from England, so it's their Mother land.
2. They are the "prisoners".
Please correct me if I'm wrong Rummers, I've never got it, am I interpreting it the wrong way?
How about we invade the place and just stick our flag there after all its ours anyway
You couldn't cope what you going to invade with the Army Cadet Force.
And we have a spider and snake for everyone of you.
Fuckin poms couldn't hack it when they came as ten pound poms 2 years and 3 out of 5 came back.
Fuckin lightweights.
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