New Find


War Hero
It was on Guzz news and the Evening Herald the day after they found it.
I figured the Echo would be behind the rest of the world. You'd have thought a Weymouth based charter boat might kick the local rag into some sort of action!! It really is a low grade rag!!


War Hero
I like the ads in the Echo, they've been the same for weeks, they just don't seem to change.
Don't take the physical paper. They knocked at the door once asking if I'd buy the paper!
I'm not paying for poor English. He didn't argue and left. Evidently, the Echo doesn't employ a proof reader, it's up to the individual Journo's, which does explain much!!


Book Reviewer
A mate passes his copy over to me a day late than issue date, doesn't make any difference to the rubbish in it, but I wouldn't pay for it.