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Cynical as you may be, it is important that veterans do help in the making of these documentaries, one for factual accuracy through the level of information provided and secondly because the country needs to be made aware that serving ones country and surviving is not the be all and end all of it.

I recently heard the expression used of the 'long tail', referring to the tail of a comet. In terms of military casualties, do not look at the news head lines, but the 'long tail' of personnel who will return to civilian life physically and mentally scarred. With all the recent conflicts the increasing amount of time being deployed on active tours, there are going to be even more PTSD 'casualties'.

Help the programme makers with their documentaries, and help your comrades of the past, present and future to get the help they need, through awareness campaigns and programmes.

For what it's worth I think, filmed and produced correctly, it could be a good thing. At the moment there is still this idea that, because the type of conflict is the way it is, troops won't get PTSD. There is this stigma that, because the fighting isn't as (for want of a better word) 'intense' as it was in the Falklands, anyone who gets it is "Soft."

I know nothing of PTSD except this "WE OWE IT TO THOSE WHO SERVE OUR GREAT NATION TO PROVIDE THEM THE TREATMENT THEY DESERVE!" and if this programme raises awareness (for the troops as well as us Civvies), and shows PTSD is not just something you acquire when fighting cheek to jaw with the enemy, then I'm all for it.

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CenturyFilms said:
Thank you to everyone who has posted on Rum Ration in response to the information about our film. Since we originally posted we have now completed the film, and it is likely to be shown later this year (date not yet confirmed). Thanks for your interest and we hope you feel the final film will do the subject justice.

Century Films Ltd.

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Hello friends, These stories are repeat once more. Please share with new and hot story. Ex service man not only a character in this film. I suggest you use common people watch and they believe in film.


Please put that into plain English so that it can be understood. Thank you.


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