New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    surely that should be" new eu citizens TAKE UK benefits?"
  2. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    The major advantage of a larger European Union will be that the EC will struggle to take control of other elements of national sovereignty. The larger it is, particularly with Eastern European countries, the looser it will be.

    The bulk of the Poles and others that came to Britain after the last enlargement did in fact come to work and pay taxes and as they had left all their families at home in Poland contributed more than the services / benefits they received.

    So I am afraid that I will have to buck the xenophobic trend and say as long as they are not entitled to benefits until they have contributed to the country, their joining the EU is fine by me.
  3. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Easy,as we were warned by Germany's Police Head of Organised Crime Dept a long while back,we will be flooded by the Rumanian "mafia" as they have,as soon as the inks dry they will flood over here!
  4. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    But apparently they'll only be doing the jobs the Brits "don't want to do". These, however, are the Brits who are on so many benefits (which I and the majority of this forum pay for!), and would take a pay cut by getting a job!

  5. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Please don't take this the wrong way;


    if they will only be taking the jobs that others don't want to do, can we expect a large rise in services recruitment with many volunteers rushing off to Iraq, Afganistan and other dodgy locations -it would appear that there's not to may of the Great British Race (there's a mixture) who want to do that!

    [this is not an insult to the few who are doing the job out there but I hope you see what I'm driving at?]
  6. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    'Jobs that Brits don't want to do', that's quite interesting. I wonder why, during my university summer holidays, I had so much difficulty getting an odd job doing fruit packing, bar work, or anything else? :x :evil:
  7. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    I take it you aren't doing an economics degree Vesper? The migrant workers will do it for half the rate that you would expect, thats why!
    RoofRat :roll:
  8. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Thats easy,you are too expensive to employ. they get paid Peanuts!Even so what they get paid is more than they can earn back in their home country!
  9. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Most uni students work for minimum wage, I presume that's what the migrant workers are entitled to as well?
  10. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Yeh, Maybe if the Earth was flat, and they had a work permit. The company I used to drive for, can now put two eastern Euro. drivers in a cab of a truck for the price one British driver. Also if it's a sleeper cab, they are happier, no accomodation to find!
    Britain will awake when it is too late. :cry:
  11. Re: New EU citizens 'will benefit UK' (more govern

    Vesper,the minimum wage only comes into force for LEGAL and TAXPAYING recipiets,a lot of this labour is done cash in hand,no questions asked!

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