new et(me) recruit

Finnaly passed all my tests / meds / pjft the other week and have been given an entry date for the 6th sept.

Any way i did initially sign up as a mine clearance Diver passed the tests / med but failed the fitness (didnt attend) due to a long peroid of illness. had a long chat with the wo2 at my local recruitment centre in plymouth and because of a recuring problem with tonsillitis he suggested i should re think my job roll as diver to et(me). All in all im 100% fit n healthy now and although et(me) was my second option as a job roll and i have no regrets are there any current et(me)'s / ex mem's out there who have any advice and could give me an understanding of the job as they see it, cheers and looking forward to some feedback :wink:

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