New era begins as age discrimation outlawed

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SILVER_FOX, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. I find it all very interesting but far to full of loop holes to really work ( like most laws now a days)

    for example:

    I can't be discriminated in the work place because of my age

    I can however still be classed as a mature student and get extra funding and more leeway on my exam results!
  2. wonder if do to manpower shortages they increase the age you can leave the mob? 65 year old killicks would be good.
  3. The RAF are able, subject to conditions, etc, to stay in until they are 55. It's about time the RN and Army followed suit - Especially in these times where we're so bloody short handed.

  4. The RAF are able, subject to conditions, etc, to stay in until they are 55. It's about time the RN and Army followed suit - Especially in these times where we're so bloody short handed.

  5. The RAF are only able to stay in untill 55 when they have reached the rank of Flight Sergeant, which has always pissed me off, the RN and ARMY are too old to serve after the age of forty, apart from the odd case, tho im informed that its all changing now. as my son has signed for another ten which will make him 50, no doubt that may change in the future. I would have loved to have served till 55, but as they say rules is rules.
  6. Another 'snow' job by Presidente B.Liar!!!
  7. It's a good idea in theory. In practice I can't see most organisations wanting a load of wrinklies around though - not when youngsters are cheaper and more easily led. Not many people are able at the age of 60+ to do what they did 30 years earlier. It's OK if you've been promoted to a desk but not OK if you are still doing relatively physical work.
  8. I suppose its OK for Admirals tho.

  9. I did the extra five --to complete 27 years come out at age 45 .

    Biggest problem then was getting a job -had no problem really but could've done better

    At age 55 coming outside even with the new laws it will be hard to adjust .
    Also the employers will somehow get around it all and of course more money for the lawyers sorting out the 'it should've been me ' tribunals!!
  10. "All journeys begin with the first step". I agree that it will take time to bed in but it is a step in the right direction where no step existed before.

  11. The Job application form will still ask for your Date of Birth - simplest thing in the world to reject those applications from 'perceived wrinklies' without ever putting the employer 'in the spotlight' for discriminating on age.

    I wonder how long our political geniuses worked on this little piece of legislative garbage!
  12. Having read through my current employers new rules, they say that asking for DOB on application forms will not be allowed and in itself could be construed as discriminatory. Mind you if ones CV starts in 1964 as mine does it will not take a rocket scientist to work out I am getting pretty close to my sell by date.

    Having tried to change jobs a few years ago I noticed that when I did take my DOB of my CV the rate of first interviews increased, but still no job offers.

    It is interesting though that the legislation covers age discrimination at any age and may just as well benefit the young.

  13. I will give that a try (omitting my DOB from my cv) and see how far it gets me - delighted to note, however, that I no longer need to be dynamic and energetic and, when it comes down to the next phase of the legislation (where they remove discrimination on the basis of having relevant skills), I think I should be in with a good chance!
  14. Much of the opinion here appears to be for the effect on the 'wrinklies' etc - but as I understand it the new legislation will make also it illegal to turn down a 'smoothie' on the basis of not enough experience (ie graduate students, school leavers etc).
    It will be interesting to hear or read how the personnel people will handle this... :?:

    Couple this with the government wanting to keep people working past 65 etc and it will be a wonder how there will be any jobs for the young'uns when the leave education - lots of compo claims perhaps...?


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