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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chaz, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Greetings shipmates.

    Joined about 3 weeks ago but havn't had the chance until now to say hello. Been in 24 years and still going, currently in the Old War Office in London. Am a CT by trade.

    Looking forward to ditting with you all.

    Fair winds

  2. Welcome and enjoy mate.
  3. Hello mate :)
  4. Welcome Chaz.

    As a CT, I hope you are able to surf happily on MoD time :)
  5. Part of the jobspec Reservist-Monkey! Its hard but someone has to do it!
  6. Hi Chaz...enjoy the banter (if you can call it that sometimes!!!!) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. G'day Chaz

    Welcome to the maddest mess deck ever. Never believe what you read or take any offence.


    PS just for a SOB what is a CT?
  8. As the only truthful person on here, I endorse Nuttys comment.

  9. Fcuking Liar!!!!!! 8O
  10. No honestly, there are some people on here that are almost sane, even lucid when they've taken their medication.
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Communications Technician with a wide range of responsibilities including:

    - calibrating the dits and dahs of the communications world to ensure that they are all the correct length.
    - ensuring that the flags in the flag locker are all the corect colour as laid down in British Standard Colour charts;
    - removing sado-masochists from teh whip aerials.

    The CT also has a number of classified security related duties, however one that can be talked about is to ensuring the destruction of paper-tape punch-outs (aka chads) - since these are produced as a direct result of the preparation of classified signals each and every chad must be destroyed in case it contains vestiges of the information in the signal! :) :)
  12. FlagWagger

    Am also an ex-sparker but saw the light! Also remember getting a WRN to separate all the chad's into different colours for destruction, bless her. Not impressed when I coughed all over them!!
  13. :idea: Wot like a RS or Yeoman got it now.

    Whilst in plod we would spend hours punching out chads then fluffing them out.

    Next place into the rolled umbrella of any senior officer not around at the time. Next time it rains he/she will not open their brolly until they are sure it is going to keep raining so are now damp.

    Open brolly, chads flutter down and stick to the victim, Oh what fun

  14. We also had a rather 'nonce' RS on the Invince in the early 90's so we took it upon ourselves to fill his hairdryer with chad for the next time he used it! Not too impressed. Also remember buzzing the bunting on the bridge on the Hermione telling him there was a weather on the way only to fill it with chad and produce a snow storm on the bridge! Happy Days.

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