New Entry Medical Officer Course (NEMO)

Hi All,

I have my AIB next week, 24-26 April to join as a Medical Officer. Im really struggling to find any information regarding the actual structure of the NEMO course.

If anyone could help me, it would be most appreciated!



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But seriously - this is a fair question as we found it difficult to work out the pipeline process at BRNC. The course seems to be a bunch of modules which are bolted together, and not always in either the same or logical order. For example usually the young medic would have worked in a base medical center, living in the wardroom etc for a few months and after that they would come to BRNC to find out all about how to be an officer. All I can say is that whilst at BRNC they did a hybrid package in which half the time was spent as a junior doing leadership and the basics, and then they moved into the Senior Gunroom for the remainder. Whihch was interesting as some of them were consultants and on moving into the SGR shipped their Commanders rank tabs.....


NEMOs comprises 2 main phases - time in BRNC and time doing the modules Silverfox has mentioned. Depending on the time of the year, you may do either section first.

The non-BRNC phase lasts 2 months (or at least it did when I did it (in 2003)). There are various courses you do - underwater medicine, (basic) aviation medicine, Battlefield ATLS, Combat Casualty Care, Dunker training (escape from downing helicopter), Divisional Officers' Course and probably a few more. It essentially teaches you the doctory bit of being an MO - BRNC teaches you the Officery bit. In summary, its interesting and good fun. If you do it before BRNC (as I did), the advantage is that you will already have bonded as a team before you go to do lots of team-based stuff which is a definite advantage.

Let me know if you need further info.


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