New ebook:Arctic Convoy Heroes. My Father's story.70th Tribute, Battle of North Cape.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by alex devaney, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi

    I come from a family of navy servicemen and have just written a new ebook about my father's journey on the arctic convoys in WW2. John Richards, my late father, was 20 when he signed up for the Fort Astoria. He was part of convoys JW.55A/JW.55B, which led to the Battle of North Cape and the sinking of the Scharnhorst, with the loss of nearly 2,000 german sailors.

    My short ebook (5,500 words), is packed with photographs, maps and leading personalities of the day, covers the Russian Convoys that ran from 1941-45 and is a tribute to my father and all arctic convoy heroes who served on these dangerous missions bringing vital aid to the Russian ports of Murmansk and Archangel.

    My ebooks can be found on Amazon Kindle, (type in Alex Devaney ebooks amazon). I write true WW1 and WW2 stories. The arctic convoy ebook is the second in a series of convoy books. The first: Malta Convoy covered the 70th Anniversary in August 2012. My grandfather, Thomas Smedley, served on the Brisbane Star and was one of the handful of ships that made it to Malta with vital aid for the maltese people.

    This book has been very popular worldwide, so I hope readers will enjoy the arctic convoy. The next convoy ebook in the series will be about the North Atlantic Convoy, another 70th Anniversary in May 2013 this year.
    If anyone is interested in reading the arctic convoy ebook a quick 2 line review would be most welcome.

    Best Wishes.
    Alex Devaney
    (The author of Amazon's best selling
    Arnold Crabtree:WW1 British Sniper ebook.)
  2. Is it free?
  3. Hi Waspie

    Thanks for your interest. My ebooks are only 77p on Amazon. Next time I have a free promotion on Amazon I will let you know. Its a good read for the price, alot cheaper than alot of books on Amazon!

    Best Wishes
  4. Thanks Alex, it was only being un-funny!!!!

    I'll take a look, 77p won't break any bank!:study:
  5. Hi Waspie

    Hope you have a good read. If you like it, a quick 2 line review from a navy man like yourself (or anyone else looking in) would be most welcome. It would of been my Dad's 90th Birthday today (17 Feb). Here's a toast to all WW2 merchant seamen, who say action during the convoys!

    Best Wishes
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  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Waspie was not a Naval man he was a Wafu
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  7. I stand corrected Sir. Edit: 'To all men who love the sea. Especially the Mersey.'
  8. Alex, Janner was pulling your plonker, A Wafu is a member of the Fleet Air Arm. Some go to sea on a regular basis whilst others manage to evade sea service throughout their Naval career. Perhaps you could pen a novel (suitably short) to reflect the short service the FAAhas rendered to the fleet and how to serve 22 without going to sea.
  9. Hi Trelawney126

    Thanks for that. Good idea for an ebook. I did cover the Air Arm Fleet Museum in my another ebook about Dorset. I went on holiday to Dorset last year with my family. My son is mad about Tanks and the Air Force so for a 10th Birthday treat we took him to the Air Arm Fleet museum in Somerset and Bovington Tank museum in Dorset. We had a great time, we even had a paddle in the English channel. We nearly called into Beer in Cornwall, but ran out of time. It was a great holiday!

    Best Wishes
    Alex Devaney
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Alex. the Devonians that live in Beer won't appreciate being muddled up with the Cornish
  11. Opps! Good job we never got there. It would of been a quick 'morris dance' into the english channel.

    Alex Devaney.
  12. Janner, you live in Dorset, which being east of Exeter makes you someone who resides in the Midlands. There is a Beer in Cornwall, quite close to Playing Plac on the road to Falmouth.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I suspect that looking at the other venues visited Beer in Devon would be the the place mentioned. Besides there was no mention of the Tamar Passport control office.
  14. you are right, no passport control, no visit, and your assumption about Beer was quite correct.
  15. ..
    Aside: This site's a'breeding Geography Nazis now eh, Janner? :wink:

    For the Op - Thanks for the heads up on those eBooks, Alex.

    Most likely I'll be buying them too (whenever the OH gives her new K Fire HD a break) and raising my glass to your folks for their contributions to our forebear's War at Sea.

    Just a suggestion but it might be worth your while you sending a wee PM to Ageing Gracefully View Profile: Ageing_Gracefully - Navy Net - Navy and Marine Community about yourself & your past and planned publications etc.

    AG is the respected 'honorary librarian' for both RR & ARRSE and he runs a hit list of book reviewers for both sites as well as running the monthly book quiz with prizes.

    Good to see a published author joining RR; we have above our quota of trolls, black-catters, walts & fairy-talers here so it'll be a quite a refreshing change. :D

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  16. Present. .................
  17. Hi Bob

    Just seen your post. Thanks for the Toast and the AG profile Tip. Will check it out. Good to be aboard RR - like trolls, black-catters and fairy-talers, so I'm in good company!

    Have a good read of my ebooks.

    ALex Devaney
  18. Just seen this thread Alex. Treating myself to your kindle ' WW2:Navy Convoy Boxset' .

    A general question.... I am particularly interested in convoy JW51B as I am researching the poetry of Alan Ross, who served on the Onslow . If anyone can recommend a particular work on the Arctic Convoys that features JS51B , I'd welcome details. Thanks.

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