Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Joe_Crow, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. So, we've got a new DRASM. That's nice.

    He sent us all a very nice signal, but I wonder who actually wrote it, as they obviously are not very bright.

    tenant; noun: a person who pays rent for the use of land or a building

    tenet; noun: one of the principles on which a belief or theory is based

    Dolphin 55.
  2. 18C or 76D surely?!
  3. Damn, damn, damn - I can never find my list of Dolphin codes when I need them! :confused5:

    Green grenade, no, red.
  4. Dolphin 73 for you then
  5. Not another misspelled siggy, Joe?

    T'would never have happened in FOSM's time & tenure, those ambitious young L'tenants (Flag) would have ensured that.


    Dolphin Code (Aus) 158. :wink:

    BTW Others may note that I typed 'misspelled' intentionally: Not 'mispelled', 'misspelt' nor even 'mispelt'.

    (Perhaps those latter apply to squandered youth? Or was that 'Miss-Spent'?)

    PS and harking back: There was always someone up the food chain who needed to amend a signal before it was Txed.

    I used to keep a copy of my drafts; then once, when a final version was presented to me as 'the epitome of signalese' I compared it with my own first draft. Surprise, surprise - All those changes had been changed back again and the much amended final version was identical to my original. After that the heat was off.

    Later, when an appointment enabled me to release my own signals, I often chuckled at the time wasted by those 'seeking to create an impression' by making un·nec·es·sar·y changes . :happy7:

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