New 'Dit Book' Forum?

Should there be a new (separate) 'Dit Book' forum

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after the shenanigans of the 'Old and Bold' thread -

I think there should be a 'dit forum' opened up on here, with rules as follows:

1) anyone can post a dit, as long as it is relevant to naval life

2) no one can reply to the dit posted, it must stand as written

3) any disputes over a dit should be directed to the moderator of the forum

4) a dit can be added to/elaborated on/substantiated/embellished by others who were there at the time

I reckon this could be quite an interesting read, I have heard many a hoofing uber turbo dit from both 'old and bold' and 'young shitbags' and it could be a forum for all to enjoy/join in if you wish.

Anyone have any thoughts/different ideas/addenda to the rules??
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