new direct entry officer v. internal promotion

I'm in the process of joining via the local AFCO, and started the process a while ago, before the direct officer entry thing was up and running.

Now that it is, does it mena it would be more difficult for me to get promotion to officer level if I join as a rating?

I'm not joining because I want to be an officer, but I wouldn't like to think the option for promotion to officer level would be made difficult cos I didn't take the right route of entry.

Any help?
I think it will have no bearing what so ever in you getting to be an officer. If you join as a rating and get spotted at Raleigh as Officer suitable your unit will no doubt pounce on you to fill in the appropriate form.

Exposure to life as a rating will also do you good if you opt to go over to the dark side at a later date.


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To be honest the route to officer for ratings is convoluted and over complicated. In comparison, someone could walk into your local careers office with the right qualifications and get an aib date fairly swiftly. Within the service we raise CW papers, report on the potential officer every so often and still wait around for ages for an aib date. In some cases you're better off leaving and then rejoining through the route I described above. This problem has been noted and is being adressed. There is work ongoing to make the CW route a lot quicker and more straightforward for all concerned.


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Come in as a rating and find out what the lads do, you never know you may prefer the life, with a job to do rather than trying to look good.


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ToryBoy said:
Once I've started, would there be an opportunity to 'apply' to become an officer, or do I need to wait to be asked / spotted?
Simple request to the chain of command, appear before Commanding Officer at "Requestmen", and approval will be on basis of whether your immediate superiors think you have the potential. As other have said, don't rule out being a rating, it will give you invaluable experience should you ever decide to jump into the wardroom - think why you want the commission. Personally, despite being a professional chartered engineer in my civvy role, I deliberately stayed within the ratings corps - I had more than enough responsibility in my civvy job thank you very much!

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