Discussion in 'RMR' started by MOOSE, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got any gen on how the Leeds detachment is going on ?
    there was also talk of new dets in Belfast and Nottingham, i know some scoping has been done.
    would welcome any feedback, do you think there would be enough interest?
    what about catchment areas, is Nottingham too close to Birmingham?
    bearing in mind a nucleus of ex regulars would be required to kick start any new unit and make it work.
  2. I'm currently in negotiations with the Royal New Zealand Navy (Coast Guard) to form Royal New Zealand Marines of which I would be Commandant General, Company Commander, Sergeant Major and sole member. For Opsec and Persec reasons can't really say more. Full briefing to follow.
  3. NZ Bootneck
    having just worked with a Kiwi Navy Lt who was trying to bore me one night with his re-structuring of the NZ Navy brief .... it all now fits into place and i wished i had listened more attentitivley instead of teaching the colonials the finer points of spoof and regailing them with my tales of RM daring do
    Do you think there would be a vacancy for me ? as they only have four ships right now i would be willing to start at the bottom ... say chief dhoby whallah !!
    Please put in a good word
    yours hopefully
  4. Belfast det is running.
  6. Can i be an associated member (so to speak) NZer?? I'll bring my rubber dagger along for good measure!! :grin: :lol:

  7. Just heard from OC Dunedin Royal New Zealand Navy (Reserves) that my plan to form Australasian Marine Detatchment is being given serious consideration "at the highest levels" ie round the bar of the RNZN (R) wardroom (Membership 3 + killick steward). So things are moving apace.
    Kamate Kamate etc
  8. I,ve changed my my mind. I want to join as the stoker (L) that I am. I,ll bring my own paddle!

    A wheel spanner and a pair of wibres for close combat!

    Do I get to wear a green lid?
  9. And by the way. I grew up in Adelaide SA .
    So I want to be second in command. In the event we have to invade,I know the beaches well!
  10. NZ, do you need a BBQ Operator/Briquette Manager for catering arrangements? I don't require a green lid unless its got a grassy top and is regularly mown by any passing sheep grazing......

    You wouldn't mind if I wear a nicey frock from Laura Ashley, would you? Promise it'll be cammo green! :grin:

    Dorothy x x x
  11. If NZ appoints me second in command,you can be Commander in Chief Barbies(not the dolls) Beer and Frocks!!
  12. Oh god what 'ave I started now.
    As standards must be maintained, as in any elite fighting force (which the RNZM(r) will become), clamouring for jobs in public is unseemly and may lead to indiscipline at a later date.
    This situation has been forseen and by a simple PM with details of bribes for vacant positions you may be able to secure your dream of a job with our organisation :wink:
    Thanks in advance
  13. Mind?????

    You haven't worked with booties before AAC, have you?

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