New destroyer is linked to city

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Just one question , why isn't it called "Birmingham" ?

    Or is this a class to be called "Daring , Dasher, Duncan, Dainty" etc?
  2. Daring, Duncan, Defender, Dauntless, Diamond and Dragon!
  3. They would link it to Liverpool, but they did that with HMS Liverpool but someone nicked the wheels!
  4. Could be worse, they could affiliate it to Milton Keynes
  5. HMS Newport Pagnall?

    The ship that died of shame

  6. HMS Splott
  7. I see they are not going to use Dainty or Diana [old Daring class DD names] probably because they don't sound 'manly enough' but are going to use Dauntless which was the WRNS training establishment :lol:
  8. The whole affiliated town thing can be a lottery. On some ships you never get to go to your adopted town, on others you can go there often and get well lashed up. I,ve often heard that one reason to avoid a draft to the Southampton is the fact that its close proximity with its adopted town means that you pull up alongside there with monotonous regularity. One of my recent drafts had Sunderland as an adopted town, which I can heartily reccomend for a day on the pish.
  9. Perhaps she'll be the first to be fully "manned" by the distaff side with a Jenny Skipper. Wonder whatever happened to Lt. Sue Moore the first female skipper (HMS Dasher - Bristol URNU) in the mob. (who I had the pleasure of entertaining aboard my own boat in Calais way back in '99, I think it was !!!!). Nice girl and VERY tiny !!!

  10. There is still a Sue Moore in the published Navy Lists for 04 and 05. Suggest you give that a look Fletch. If you are so inclined you could look back through the older list and/or the London Gazette.
  11. Thanks, Minky, will do !! I don't suppose the Navy List is on a website anywhere, I've has a cursory glance and there doesn't appear to be one.
  12. Oh contrare Fletch,

    It has everything you need. All public domain.
  13. They may use them if they order the last two to make a class of eight :mrgreen:
  14. Nearly got a draft to there but just my luck, the Drafty found I didn't have a non sub rate so got Osprey instead
  15. Why not Diana? :lol: :twisted:
  16. yeah i met her in Hong Kong, she was drafted to us from BRNC for a short training period on the Peacock. Seemed ok and like you say not heard of her since her stint in command of the dasher
  17. They could use one of the new Daring class for the first all jenny boat. I don't which one though.

    any guesses ?
  18. In the modern mixed-gender Andrew I should have thought that manly names were less imperative. In fact, perhaps we could see Flower Class reinstituted with another HMS Pansy :| and to encourage UA recruits, an HMS Teddy Bear - though that is perhaps going too far! :lol:

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