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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Waspie, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. 820 NAS and there ASW Merlins to deploy on RFA Argus to Sierra Leone in support of the ebola scare.

    Good luck guys, I think I'd rather go on ops in the sand than that!
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  2. Nice one, but wouldn't the new junglie ones be more effective? Moving stuff around etc? Or do they have to be sailorised first?


    I know the average bubblehead has an issue with cleanliness however I think ebola's a bit harsh.

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  3. I imagine they will strip out the ASW kit. Anyone know if ASW Merlins are modular in regards to their ASW suite?
    The other half of 820 is going to sandy climes!!!
  4. You can remove lots from the back of a merlin if necessary.
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  5. I'm not saying they shoudnt be sent to deal with EBOLA just that I'm glad it's not me.
  6. By all appearances, it's the 21st Century leprosy. It seems that it's only transmittable through direct contact with bodily fluids or contaminated clothing. So all that NBCD training and kitting might turn out to be useful then.
  7. For now, I think the real worry is a mutation occurring.
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  8. 820 are from Cornwall, that is a possibility

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  9. If the daily mails experts say its spread by air it must be true. I know I quoted wikipedia in another thread earlier (I was happy with what was being quoted) but the daily mail might as well be the sunday sport.
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  10. They don't say it is, they say experts warn that we shouldn't just assume that it will always be passed on by touch, rather that we should think about what happens if it does mutate into an airborne disease.
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