New Das Boot.


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Just seen on Sky. The new Das Boot series starts on Sky Atlantic this Wednesday coming (6th Feb) at 9pm.


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The German ‘Boot’ is pronounced just like the English ‘boat’. Just saying.


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Even this Wafu has is on planner.
Mind you, the new series has a lot to live up to. The sound track and atmosphere!!! It'll have to be bang on!!!!


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The new 8 part TV series of Das Boot starts on British TV next Wednesday (6th February) on Sky Atlantic, with the showing of the first two episodes.

Each episode is about 1 hour 10 mins long, with whatever amount of Ads Sky Atlantic choose to show (it is also described as an 8-hour series).

The series is described IN THE LISTING MAGAZINE as both a "sequel" and a "re-Boot" (which I assume is a feeble pun). It is set in the Autumn of 1942.

UNFORTUNATELY, a feature on the series explains just how dire the series is likely to be ;

"... the eight hour series also widens the class of characters ... There are Gestapo officers, French Resistance fighters, British SOE agents and rogue Americans." ! ! !

A rogue American has been arrested in Germany and the U-Boat is sailing to a mid-Atlantic prisoner exchange (even more exclamation marks !)

Also (!) the senior Gestapo officer is in love with a woman French interpreter - who (just to justify some more exclamation marks !) is in a relationship with a female American guerrilla (or would gorilla be more realistic ?)

I think that the preview seems to describe a comedy.



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Try not to forget that
a) It's not real life
b) It's a 'refresh' aimed at people that haven't seen the original
c) it's not a documentary and
d) anyone can pick holes in anything if they chose to.
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