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New CV Writing Service


Lantern Swinger has today launched a new CV writing service, aimed firmly at Armed Forces leavers, in conjunction with JobCiti. New banner on our site with a link to the JobCiti website went live today. Please check it out and let us know if it works for you as we are focused 100% on assisting service leavers, past present and future, in their search for employment opportunities. JobCiti are offering a number of free and paid for services in this area so there should be something to suit all needs, hopefully.
Thanks, Tim and Paul @ FJS.


War Hero
We get this free at career transition workshop from right management/ctp, but any organisation willing to help forces leavers find like myself find jobs is got be an avenue worth investigating, will be registering.


Book Reviewer
You'll be fine mac. All us bikers are extremely handsome, well hung and always land on our feet.
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