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I currently own a Dell Inspiron 9200 which I bought four years ago. About six or seven months ago it started developing a screen problem with vertical, one pixel wide lines appearing. This was, apparently, a known problem with a number of Dell screens Linky but despite knowing about it the company didn't feel the need to let its customers (me) know in time for them to get their screens replaced under warranty. I e-mailed Dell who couldn't be arsed to reply, which justifies the reputation that Dell have for poor customer service and poor quality products.

Over the months this screen problem has been getting worse and it's got to the stage where I can no longer live with it so I'm now in the market for a new pooter, which will NOT be another Dell. Once bitten, twice shy.

I'm looking to get another laptop which needs to have a decent core 2 duo processor (min 2.0 GHz), a good graphics card, a reasonable size HDD (300+ Gb), minimum 16" screen, and it would be nice to have a blueray optical drive which would ideally be full HD (1080p).

I'm prepared to spend up to about a grand and I'm drawn towards an Acer Aspire 6935G or 8930G, Sony Vaio VGN-FW21 M or Z.

I'd welcome any (experience based) comments on the makes I've listed or any recommendations on other systems that would fit the bill.

I know some people will suggest getting a Mac, but I don't want one of them.
Try Medion,top quality components and the forums would suggest that the service is good.Any of the dells that I have scavanged have only rubbish components.If I had any money to buy new i would be down at Aldi for the specials,check their website ,they may have a laptop next week. Vista BTW needs at least 2 gigs ram just to fire up so if you are using yer puter for games keep that in mind.

PS I have a duff Toshiba laptop to play with ,never opened one up before maybe I can get it working IF I ccan find the fuses,I believe that they are well hidden
Jimmy_Green said:
I know some people will suggest getting a Mac, but I don't want one of them.
That would be me, so I'll shut up.

But I would like to add, Apple repaired my laptop out of warranty!!!!

I'm gone. :?
I asked for similar advice about 12 months ago and ended up buying this machine;

GX 700 Performance Edition

I was not really after an all rounder as such but wanted to play high spec games which this does. The pisser for me of course is that its now ever so slightly cheaper than what I paid for it!! Good luck
Ok just got back from being Duty yesterday and I can safely say that my new "laptop" (actually more of a DTR) fits the bill perfectly. Plays CoD4 maxed out no problems, plays films using VLC media player (get it here it plays EVERYTHING!) no problems, it has plenty of memory etc and looks spectacular! :)

At £747 with FREE next day delivery its well worth a look.

Oh, btw it hasn't got a blue ray drive, I didn't bother with that because I don't use the Disk Drive to watch films :)


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I wouldn't worry too much about finding one with a BluRay drive. You can always just replace the drive you get with it. I'm not amazingly clued up about laptops, but I currently own two, and my views would be:

Stay about as far away from Toshiba as you can possibly be.

Fujitsu Seimens do a good range of budget laptops - but nothing that will really play good games.

I guess my addition to the topic is that you now know not to buy Dell, Toshiba, or Fujitsu. :p
No, no, no, NO!

You want one of these - Sh1thot laptop

I have one and it's superb, you can't go wrong with ASUS considering their laptops contain their own high quality internals.

Don't touch Acer, they're sh1te, cheap for a reason and have **** customer service. As for Sony, overproced and underpowered.

Tis a good company to order from too.