New Commodore Announced

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Anchor_Faced, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Maybe the new Commodore, announced today will be able to shed some light on the future of the R's in the Officers Curl - Captain Stephen Thorne starts work on 25th January - something for his inbox??
  2. do pay attention to other threads !!! the Rs will go by Oct 07 and its not down to Commodore RNR or ComMarRES
  3. Agreed but at least he can get stuck in and introduce a more communications-friendly RNR senior management so that things like the demise date (or even confirmation that is to demise) is passed round a little better in future.

    Rum Ration is great but it shouldn't constitute the cornerstone of RNR policy communication.
  4. DP i agree, we need a better, quicker, accurate Communication policy, i am confident that the new CMR will hoist this on board, its one of my main topics when i get asked at CMR HQ
  5. How about getting CMR to post here - a form of 2SL's buzz buster as a sticky. We post a question (UNCLAS), then Madter Cheif or some other qualified person provides the Party line. That way we know its a gen dit, and the word is spread quickly.
  6. Awesome idea Jim.

    Master chief, make it so ;) :D :D

    I will be happy to sticky the thread.

  7. communication - do you think it will ever catch on ?

  8. Not on my watch!

  9. I put this on "bring up" so, 6 months in - how do we think the Commodore is doing?
  10. Who?
    When I here there are people waiting for promotion back pay for 6+ months, Pepole waiting 2 years for medals, the promotion goal posts moving, The Naval reserve (boat people) not being used to help our own in times of strife, I say again..
  11. I'm amazed Froggit that you managed to stay so forthwright and calm about these things bearing in mind that usually you are a little more forceful shall we say..(having sat through one of your lectures)....!!

    Would I be overstating it if I said the whole things a bit of a feckin SHAMBLES at the moment...I was trying to think back as to when it wasnt but Im having trouble and Ive been in 15 years....anyone help me out!!!!!
  12. It does say something for our bad communication that we don't know what he has done. My understanding is that getting the Rs removed was finally FOSNNI's doing.
  13. He's managed to deploy nearly all the Royals to Afghanistan. and presented some medals around the units.

    Seriously though give the guy a break its not just his decisions that we should be looking at. We can only volunteer (shame they took that out of our name really) and if our offer isn't taken up or we aren't asked to help what can the CMDR do about it.

    Maybe in another 6 months we can look back and have a clearer picture of what He has achieved, but lets face it what have any of the others achieved over the years apart from a smaller workforce.
  14. WM what are you tring to say? I am the calmest most pc person in the reserve. ANDI WILL F..NG KICK THE SHIT OUT OF ANY B...TRD WOT SAYS DIFFERENT.
  15. I'm not sure he can claim the credit for deploying the RMR to Afghanistan - a bit above his pay grade I suspect but if he has passed out medals then he can definitely get the credit for that - what else is there though?

    What I was getting at in my earlier question was - are we seeing anything new (policy/achievement/direction) as a consequence of his appointment?

    6 months isn't long I'll grant you but it is a quarter of his expected tenure and if we contrast his performance over 6 months to that of Gordon Brown over 6 weeks there aren't many obvious beacons that I can see from my end of the telescope. (BTW - I'm not a great fan of Gordon Brown but he has managed to make Labour look like a new-in-post government rather than just a continuation of the Blair government).

    What can Cdre Thorne claim for his first 180 days?

    He must have had a personal agenda/manifesto before being promoted and he must have shared his vision with someone so how is he doing or, if he has achieved zilch, what is getting in his way?

    Answers on a postcard please.
  16. If you are serving still in the RNR/RMR and if you are reasonably alert, you will no doubt have seen the Commodores "Command Intent" which was published last month.
    This document outlines his priorities and objectives .
    It might help you comment in a more informed manner.

    Glad I can be of assistance, and i will happily pass on this document to any serving members via email.
  17. MC Yes please. comms is not that good in this, the lower end of the "mess"
  18. Froggit,

    Down here in the South West our unit sends the latest notices etc to all of us who are on email - which I suspect is most of the unit.
  19. MC Why not post the Commodores 'Command Intent' on this site? It surely can't be classified if you are prepared to send it out by e-mail and I don't think I have seen a copy even though I am still serving and do consider myself a reasonable lert most of the time.

    It would definitely "help me comment in a more informed manner" if I knew what he was trying to achieve and it would also help others to gauge his progress.
  20. I will of course only send it out to personnel whose identity I have confirmed.

    All CO's have been sent this document, I am surprised that there are still people who havent read it, begs the question why really ?

    Poor comms again. Maybe ?
    I will ask the Commodore if he is happy for me to display it on here, but some of the information might not be appropriate. His shout..
    As an aside, I would be interested in which units havent seen this yet ?

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