New Cold War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by AngryMonkey, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Oh I hope so - give deeps something real to do.
  2. seems like china is just looking for a fight, they seem like pathetic reasons to get all angry at america, but then again looking back at history alot of wars started for pathetic reasons
  3. The US might want to reconsider allowing countries like China to become the single largest investor in dollar-denominated securities outside the US. They are tied at the hip, and neither can do fogall about it.

    They might get frosty but they can't fall out too much.
  4. Where theres a will theres a way especially if (God help us all) Palin ever got elected.
  5. Good point; with her in charge the dollar would be so devalued that China would prefer to hold their foreign currency reserves in Ethiopian Birrs.

    Spelling edit
  6. I so hope that our witless wonders don’t have ideas of restructuring our Forces around the Chinese model.

    I always find it interesting that Orientals are so keen on punishment. Perhaps we could get them to run our prison and probation services.
  7. True, first Cold War the US could have stopped the millions of tons of grain shipped to the USSR.
  8. At least a new cold war will justify the million CASEXs a week we still do.

    And Typhoon.
  9. And teaching GenForce strategy.
  10. And the RAF reg. They'll be wheeling Rapier out again by the end of the week and standing up 3 new "squadrons" at the cost of another Infantry regiment.
  11. And the titanium shipped in the other direction.
  12. Mmmmmm. During the last Cold War, the sceptics used to get us to do some of the 'more sensitive' patrols for them. Fine. But who are they going to get to do them this time, as we have next to no boats left? And no special relationship to talk of.
  13. The Aussies will probably get that honour
  14. Unlikely if they have to go under the ice. Collins under ice, wouldn't want to be there!! (Sounds like a cocktail!)
  15. haha
  16. they are now in the "fold" also

  17. The flying crab version or the mahoosive scarey Soviet submarie type version? :wink:
  18. The very same, but it doesn't have a swimming pool; it has an entire Cannons gym and a tk-max for their suits.
  19. And Sean Connery will get to play a Chinese submarine captain..... with a Scottish accent..... 'Full ahead Mr. Ming-Dick!'

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