New Chinese fast attack craft...I want one!

Yeah - looks gucci and all that but you know it's gonna run out of batteries, fall apart cos the plastic is cheap - and theres loads of hidden sharp bits that could hurt a child. Honestly - just think back to chrimbo...

Whereas BAE make wonderful ships...

I makes me wonder, China are making these kickass ships, whereas we are building larger fishery protection ships armed with... a single 30mm...
Horses for courses chaps. Johnny Chink wants to do sea denial to a blue water force (can't think which) in sea state not very much, whereas we want to provide sustained MACP to DEFRA against Spanish trawlers in sea state bouncy.

Much as one might want to, you can't just go round popping SSM at yer poor Spanish trawlerman - it's against his human rights innit?

And as those things are emphatically not SWATHS, much more like the Incat wave-piercers, you wouldn't want to be on them in much more than a sea state moderate.......


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Yes, they look good and yes, they could be useful small ships.

Questions to be asked/answered:

Where are they supposed to operate?
Could they survive/operate in North Sea/North Atlantic conditions?
What is their role?
What would be thier role in the RN?
Can UK build something similar at the same price anyway?
And if not, would we buy a squadron of Chinese ships?

This is before we even get to the Chinese quality arguement!

IF quality is OK, and IF there is/was a role for something like this for the RN somewhere in the world then OK let's get something similar. My own feelings are that these boats are superfluous to the role of the RN.

While deep water operations is important most of our operations seem to be in the litoral or in the Gulf region. These Chinese ships seem to have a shallow draft, perfect for the Gulf. By its nature minewarfare tends to happen in relatively shallow water near the coast, again this ship would be perfect, especially as with the living spaces above water I guess that crew survivability if it hits a mine could be relatively good, even if the ship was trashed (but what ship wouldn't be?). If the missile pods could be containerised/modular you could have a flexible ship able to go head to head with Iranian boats, or carry out MCM, or patrol for pirates/terrorists with a RIB replaceing a missile pod.

Miost of the designs for the C3 role are basically a OPV, this way you would get a mini warship with some punch and keep the new River Class ship for protecting our fish.

I know it is a pity that you can't use Harpoon on the Spanish fishermen, but then again I would have thought that Spearfish would be better anyway.... ;)
Also, what would make a Spanish fishermen think twice, a venerable Hunt class bimbling over the horizon, or one of these coming from astern at 36 knots....


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stumpy said:
Also, what would make a Spanish fishermen think twice, a venerable Hunt class bimbling over the horizon, or one of these coming from astern at 36 knots....
In my experience - neither....
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