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Discussion in 'History' started by Repulse, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.
    I'm new here... thought I'd post it in the History section as that is my main interest.
    At 46 I am a mature student at Sussex Uni studying history.... but I am the keeper of the family's heirlooms. My Dad's father joined the Navy at Chatham in 1911 (he walked from Dover with his mate, John (?) Jervis), and signed up for 12 years. Served on the Dwarf, Calypso, Africa, London, Vindictive (and others) and on the Repulse when she did the Royal Tour in 1923/24. He ended his career as Leading Stoker... (apparently didn't want promotion as = responsibility and cost of uniform!), and was signed off in 1931. Now my Dad told me that he was recalled for a 'little ship' at Dunkirk, but I only have his word for that, and which ship I have no idea, but would love to find out.

    Luckily I have several photos of him in Med' uniform etc, and medals and a beautiful hand-tinted large photo of the Repulse.

    Anyway, enough waffle ! Happy to be here.

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  2. Welcome New chap nice dit and cracking photo of your Granddad, which I assume was taken before he headed off to the Gut for a few refreshments.
  3. Thanks, and yes, probably off to the Gut (?) for a drinkie !
  4. The Gut (or Straight Street to give it's real name) is a very narrow, steep street in Valetta. It consisted soley of bars and brothels and was a quality night out, sadly all gone now.

    No offence to your Grandad, but looking at the way he fills his No 6 uniform, I'd say he'd spent more than one evening down there :)
  5. Happy daze, first went down there in 1974 :)

    the gut1.jpg
  6. Ah, had never thought of the photographer before ! So that's where it all happened. Still looks a bit seedy, looking at that photo !
  7. Looks aren't deceiving, it's a good job there were no camera phones or youtube in them thar days. Still a good night out, although the arbitary batterings the Maltese plod dished out for any perceived aggro was an occupational hazard :)
  8. That's really cool, my grandad was in the navy too, very fond memories of when I was little hearing all about his stories (well just the ones he found suitable to tell I am sure!) I also study history, currently doing my dissertation on the navy so my life is pretty much naval history at the moment :p have you ever been to the museum at the dockyard in Portsmouth or anything? If you are interested it is definiely worth a visit, and the library in Portsmouth city centre also has a history centre which comprises every book written on the navy, plus some documents and other bits and bobs
  9. Hi Rachel. Thanks for commenting. I never met either of my GFs. Great shame.
    I'm only a Yr 1 undergrad (!), and current essay under way is 2500 words on considering the RN as a symbol of nation.
    Have been to Portsmouth harbour yonks ago - need to get to Greenwich next !
  10. That is a shame, but good luck in finding out more about your grandad, it's great you have plenty of information already which will help :D I am in my final year, had my last lecture yesterday- my dissertation is 10,000 words and worth 40 credits, so worth nearly half of the final degree banding, scary! I loved first year though, found second year harder going but I think the key is choosing the right modules, I rushed choosing because I couldn't really be bothered to look at the unit breakdowns but I regretted that :p
  11. Thanks for the tip ! Good luck ! We'll have to read it when you've finished !
  12. First hit the gut in 64, If I remember correct, wasn't there a snooker hall at the bottom. But it was a good run in the "Land of Yells, Bells and Smells"
  13. I had to read this twice to realise there was another way of reading GF's!!! Girl friends - Grand Fathers!!!!! I'm thinking first time I read it - Weirdo - how can you NOT have met a girl friend. Then after the second read the light came on!!!!

    I'm having a too chilled out GF That will be Good Friday by the way!!!!!!

    'Kin abbreviations!!!!!:D
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  14. Oh.

    I had assumed it was something to do with the online dating and web-cams . . . :binky:
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  15. Yeah they put them all online I think, if I ever get it edited- due in in less than a month and I am googling pug vidoes and lurking on message boards, oops!
  16. Yeah, the GF I've met, just not the GF !

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  17. Plenty of research on here for yoo's two, plus we have some ex RN who are published authors.
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  19. Thanks ! Thanks for the link. I have downloaded some stuff from Kew, but am lucky enough to have his papers...

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