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New Carriers


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Karma said:
stumpy said:
In reality I still expect the future (and they are a way off) to be controlled from the ship, as you are minimising the communications distance, the more links the more danger of things going wrong.

Personally I see it as the other way round, the platform just becomes storge and maintenance space and the missions are operated from elsewhere, like Las Vegas for example ;) Not sure what the RAF Sqn number is that's based over there, but it's now established on a permanent basis.

Flying the aircraft from a fixed location somewhere is much less technically risky than flying them from the ship. More comms redundancy is available for a start plus your missions are operated from well out of harms way, it reduces your logistic footprint and it reduces the need for all the mission planning to be supported onboard, which is a hugely comms intensive activity nowadays what with huge data requirements and a desire for 24/7 video-conferencing.

Fair point.
RP1986 said:
I said It before and I’ll say it again “Carriers what Carriers?†it’s not going to happen. See link below.


Watch this space. From this weekend's Financial Times (link):

Ministers are this weekend preparing to give the go-ahead to two new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, ending months of speculation that the flagship programme could be delayed for up to two years.

The Ministry of Defence is expected formally to commit next week, people close to the £4bn ($7.8bn) carrier programme confirmed. Executives at BAE Systems and VT Group, the two largest companies in the alliance that will build the carriers, will be told privately they can expect to receive a contract by the middle of next month. A public announcement of the contract will, however, not take place until that time.


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Interesting that many of you navy types don't believe you'll get CVF and many of us Crustaceans do! Fingers crossed the latter is correct!


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I wouldn't be suprised if some of the funds haven't been spent sorting out the 10p tax F.U.


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flippineck said:
USS UNITED STATES had the keel laid and she was still cancelled.

1 scrapped 4 months into build 12% done(Battle ship?)
2 scrapped 5 days after keel layed (carrier)
3 renamed after President Trueman,who had canceled 2 carriers as pres :dwarf:
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