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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ronalder, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Let's suppose for a few moments that this current government is serious about the two new carriers. Go back to our last proper ones ie. Ark Royal, Victorious etc. Look at the flight decks, with those nasty wires, catapults, jet blast deflectors and all the other lovely things for a poor flight deck party to avoid. Who is going to train the future crews to risk life and limb getting the aircraft off at decent rate? With all due respect to the flight deck parties on our three babies, who do a good job, there aren't any people left who served on the last proper carriers (I stand correction if there are any left) there aren't any experienced people to do the intense training that will be necessary to get back to the standards we had in the 50's 60' 70's. From what I read on the various forums in RR all instruction is carried out nowadays by civilian staff, which fills my soul with wonder and my heart with fright. Once upon a time we were proud to show the USN how to operate carriers, now I fear that we will have to go crawling to them to teach us how to do what we once taught everyone else. Can anyone cheer me up before I dive back into the Rum Barrel?
    Hopeful for an optimistic response---Very Old ex-Wafu
  2. I'm certain that there must be more than a few old senior rate handlers who served in the Ark who are still active and fit enough to train a new generation of handlers.
    In 1976 Ark Royals procedures were so well rehearsed that we managed to launch three aircraft in the time it took the Nimitze to launch two. Considering that they had three catapults to our two quite a feat.
    However as the years roll on there are going to be fewer and fewer experienced guys to pass on the much needed skills.
    Hope the new carriers come quickly
  3. This of course begs the question of how the flight deck crews were trained for the first of the carriers to be fitted with catapults - I guess it was largely trial and error. Somehow I can't see that happening these days as the MoD will be scared stiff of being sued for the errors. The RN has a long tradition of innovation, so re-inventing the wheel should be simple!
  4. I think that we had all better hope that the RN has kept its collection of training films.
  5. They could always ask me and Roofrat to sign on again.
  6. [I think that we had all better hope that the RN has kept its collection of training films.]

    Na, they were sold on ebay.
  7. If we ever get two carriers of the size mentioned I'll eat my cap. On Horseguards Parade. Naked. With ketchup.
  8. I saw a computer generated image of one of the carriers alongside in Pompey a couple of weeks ago on the Pompey News website. It was in colour and everything so it must be true - well except the being alongside in Pompey of course :)
  9. Remember, that the planned new aircraft will, hopefully, be the short take off vertical landing version of the JCA/JSF, therefore will be very similar to operate on a fight deck as a harrier. This might be one reason why this version was chosen over the USN one, ie: simpler training for flight deck crews.
  10. Hig, My best respect to you, but I don't think I or you could cope with all those ladders anymore, my knees is plumb wore out!
  11. I hold breath ,
  12. Therein lies your answer, most of those civvies are actualy retired Chock Heads and many of them old enough to have served on a 'proper' deck.
  13. I,m aware of at least one Wafu who has been sent on attachment with the USN in order to reacquire "proper" carrier skills and drills.
  14. Still serving, x6 CVS down the line and my knees are on the way out too!! :cry:
  15. And me too please (ex Albion (fixed and rotary wing), Victorious and Ark FDO). Still (but only just) still serving (RO) there's plenty of my ex Ark Flight Deck party still around - we could put up a scratch crew any time as long as NA Vickers ain't in it!

    Rig the Mark 9 Barrier!
  16. You need an Arthroscopy - whips the old cartilage out a treat!
  17. If what I hear about the Household Cavalry is correct, you won't be the only one naked/with ketchup there.
  18. Thanx. I shall add it to my letter to Santa

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