New Carriers and Aircraft for them.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by alacrity174, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Reading the above 2 articals it seems that maybe the RN won't be getting the ships and aircraft it thought the nice men at the MoD were promising.

    The B varient of the F35 is failing badly evidently and now they (MoD0, are looking at retrofitting cats to the new ships, if they are ever even built.
    I despair with the Flag Officers that are now I/C Andrew, what happened to Navy Officers with some balls, come on Sirs stand up for the lads and get the kit we need to have a real navy instead of some boating pond row boat force smaller than the Swiss Navy.
  2. !!!WARNING!!!

    The article on the F-35 is written by Lewis Page. The same individual who wrote the soft, strong and thoroughly absorbant 'Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs'.

    He is without doubt the least knowledgeable, and most partial so called defence journalist around. I have yet to read anything by him that contains anything of substance or accuracy. This article follows that trend!

  3. MM is bang on. Don't believe everything that political scaremongers would want you to believe. Having cats and traps would require us to completely re-learn a method of operating that we haven't done in decades and also grow the branch of Air and AE personnel to use it. Having recently spent time with the chief test pilot of the B variant I would rather believe him than someone like Lewis Page.

    Articles like this are purely designed to create mischief.
  4. Here is the original article on (one of) the carriers being delayed.

    And as for the F-35B, if it doesn't meet our needs and we don't get it (get the C version or the Rafale M instead) it would be a blessing in disguise.

    It would mean the carriers would then be fitted with CATO and we would have a proper carrier, maybe two, and then a proper selection of aircraft(at least the option), and would be a powerful deterrent.

    In short we can't lose, as long as we get at least one carrier.

    Fingers crossed.
  5. Fincanial ? Are you sure he is a journalist? FFS!

    PS , No, just wasting my breath.
  6. Im no shipwright but I thought the spec of the new carriers read "for but not with" cats, like so much other equipment. The theory being that there may a future change in aircraft and hence deck. Of course in this climate we'll be lucky to get a page of the torygraph folded to make the new fixed wing assets. Maybe some price realignment might bring 'em back down to affordable, but I doubt it.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As a result of enquiries into allegations following the publication of his book - which should be moved from 'non-fiction' to 'fantasy' in the shops by the way! - I understand the MOD Police are inclined to agree with you on that score... :thumright:
  8. You are correct,they can be "back fitted if required" Makes me mad!! :rambo: :thumright:
  9. Fills me with dread Scouse, imagine the AMR where the fire pumps should be, big empty space, Chief Stoker says "oh yeah, this is where the fire pumps would go but with "just in time" they arrive 5 mins after "fire,fire, fire" is piped....."
    I know Cats would be entirely different but it still feels that way to me, its only when we realise we need an asset and a floating airfield off a coast somewhere, or in the middle of a girt big bit of water, like the Pacific, or where we cant easily fly to/from, that the "uhhhhh" moment will occur in the cabinet. I realise if we cant pay for it, then its tough plop, I suppose the best we can hope for is federalised European navy, red wine in the galley, Swedish girls in the funnel spaces, oh and a bigger budget than the USA....
  10. Provision was made in the CVF design for fitting catapults and, as I understand it, that is as far as it goes. Actually progressing from that to a fully developed, sourced and certified design would take a number of years and would be far too late to be incorporated into what is currently contracted to be built. Any catapult would have to go in at the first refit. In any event, at the beginning of the year the message was that the first hull, if not both, would only be fitted to take Harrier and SKAEW and it would need a refit to subsequently reconfigure for F35.
  11. :thumright: deck is fitted with a 13° bow deck ski jump.

    No catapult or arresters will be fitted in the initial build but the carrier will be built to accommodate a future back-fit. The carrier will be fitted with a steam catapult or electromagnetic launch system and arrester gear, if the option to convert the carrier to the conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) variant proceeds.

    The deck has three runways: two shorter runways of approximately 160m for the STOVL joint strike fighter and a long runway, approximately 260m over the full length of the carrier, for launching heavily loaded aircraft – an area of nearly 13,000m². The deck will have one or two vertical landing pads for the F-35 aircraft towards the stern of the ship.
  12. "sorry sir, you cant land on spot 5 as the lack of wind in the baffle will cause a severe loss of power and you to fall out of the sky, but dont worry the chockheads are all parked there so its a soft landing.....
  13. Where's the boiler going?
  14. The B variant's costs are becoming eyewatering, so much so even the Cousins are starting to suck they're teeth.
  15. Sorry sir, its seawater showers all round.......that way we can do without a duty tanky....
  16. Can you imagine this. there might be some kids in the pusser today and Leave BEFORE they see a Carrier at sea.

    Think about that for a min
  17. Will they ever be Built? At seventy years old, I will probably never see it, but I live in hope.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There will be a statement made today about the Carrier timetable
  19. Well I obviously know nothing whatsoever and am both the proclaimed shit and dirt of this forum, but I heard that the BAE engineers have started to design it. So.. they probably will be built, we can barely fit harriers on invincibles.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I agree. You are shit and dirt... :twisted:

    When I was an AB I designed a brilliant lid for my mug, made from HBM and an old cereal box; doesn't mean it's gonna go into production though... :roll:

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