New Carrier Transport Aircraft?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Topstop, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Can you see the crabs allowing pusser anywhere near air transport?

    The truth might come out that we could do it cheaper.

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  2. Topstop,

    The S-3 requires a cat/trap. I therefore see at least one not insignificant drawback in terms of its compatibility with the QE Class!!!

    Frankly I can't even see this being a credible option for the USN and suspect they'll go for new build C-2 or V-22 instead. In a perfect world, the RN will get a small number of V-22 for COD and other CV support tasks. Sadly, I suspect Merlin and RAF SH will have to do.

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  3. Aah! good point. Forgot about that minor detail. things have changed so many times for a crucial moment there I forgot the details of the current state of play and started talking bollocks
  4. As we've managed all these years of Royal Naval aviation without fixed wing transport, I really can't imagine why we would need it now. Creating a capability simply because we will have a Platform big enough to deploy it doesn't seem a good argument. They've already built into the QEs the capacity to take Chinnies, so what's the advantage?
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