new car or not?

Hi all im joining end of September as a ET(MESM) this year, I have an old run around fiesta but now it is f*cked , was wondering is it worth my while buying a new car the now or waiting till my training is over?
Can you cope without it for now? If you can wait untill training is over that way you can save whilst training to get a nicer one. Or if you have your CBT get a 125 runabout (you can get one for £400) for the meantime and it's easier to store in someones garage whilst training.


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Not sure if the 'deals' are actually worth it but some car dealers do offer discounts to members of the armed services.

Having said that there's the old arguement of not buying a brand new car due to the depreciation that happens the second you drive it off the forecourt.
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