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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by labrum, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. The Lt Col. frequently focuses on Afghanistan, am I the only one worried that our entire military focus is today's battle? "Good for Helmand." he says.

    MoD can't say they are putting together our exit from Afghanistan whilst still focusing all procurement on Afghanistan.

    When will they realise that tomorrow might bring a different challenge?
  2. He says that forces can identify each other by the camoflage they wear.........surely that means that it doesn't work very well!!!

  3. Depends:-

  4. Used to carry that under the top flap of my bergen, handy for some relaxed banter in the field.
  5. DFS Commandos.....well, at least two ;-))
  6. And what if the next war/conflict/police action/whatever is somewhere like Europe, or somewhere bloody cold? If we focus too much on one theatre then we are unprepared for any other threat.
  7. It's all about the money.

    We can barely afford to fund today's war, let alone today's AND tomorrow's.
  8. Well I could see it :?
  9. On a serious note......if it in any way helps reduce the risks, it's good news
  10. THEY have been using this stuff for ages and seem to like it. The attached lads from THEM we had on exercise this summer wore this stuff but it was slightly more Gucci with built in knee protection and with loads of ventilation flaps and mesh torsos for wearing under body armour.

    The real question here is what will THEY wear to stand out now that the rest of the Forces will be adopting THEIR gear, I mean we couldn't possibly have Special Forces who look like regular normal soldiers now could we?
  11. I like your new ideas Stix, very innovative. Unfortunately I don't know how THEY will take it as everyone knows anything more complex than the following wardrobe items is a big no no for all UKSF.

    And for the eyes:
  12. That is pretty much how I dress for work everyday!

    I reckon we should go back to the good old days, real men go to war dressed like this:

    HAC Pikemen and Musketeers
  13. Aye that's us.

    Here are some good phots of the new multicam stuff in action.

    Looks like it works well.
  14. Does seem to work well..
  15. Kinell mate that rig aint much good when doing covert O.P's under zee chicken wire et al!!! :wink:
  16. No requirement for bivi poles in that rig...
  17. And the shiny lid gives the same relection as 2DD's swad!!! :wink:
  18. Nice cock

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