New Cam for Boats?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Just heard on R2 that RN submarines are to be changed from black to blue for reasons of camouflage. I've checked the date but it's not 1 Apr, so is there any truth in this?
  2. No mention on the BBC website, but it makes sense - operations are more and more in the shallower Middle East/Gulf waters. Boats have been various colours in the past, and at least two O Boats were given a desert cam for the 1991 Gulf War....

  3. A t-boat was partially blue in the 90s and most boats in the mediterranean were blue in ww2
  4. Apparently there was even a pink one during World War Two 8O

  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Beatles of course had a Yellow Submarine.

    I understand that one of the Boats was recently seen wearing a blue coat, don't know if it is to be the general colour or yet another experiment.
  6. Those submariners who were in the 4th Sqdn during the fifty's may remember there was a 20 litre drum of Med Blue on the accommodation block balcony until Buckwheat threw it off
  7. Seems the pink boat could fit in well with todays navy maybe a bit of a frill around the fin would be effective. Yair with the colours, in early '53 boats were grey in the home fleet, Med blue in the Med and and a deeper blue for the Australian area and the Pacific, the Pacific being a lot deeper than the med. I believe it was possible to see the outline of a boat at 90 feet in the Med ( from the air ) because of the clear water. With the changing of colour no doubt some pollie has just bought shares in a paint manufacturing firm and wants to boost the profits :evil:
  8. It would seem that by advertising the new blue paint the extensive mods to the front of the fin have also been shown.The crew of Trafalgar went to quite an effort to cover it up at the fleet review(after sky news had filmed it!)
  9. By '56 the boats in Oz had reverted to black
  10. In Oz the boats are painted with a top secret invisible paint and it works well. The boats are completely invisible to aircraft and surface ships when at 500 feet, :lol:
  11. Could be on to something here..... tell the world we have 30 SSNs, all painted in this invisible paint, and that they're all at sea. Should keep the skimmers busy
  12. What is the official name for this new colour?It looks like BR(british rail) blue to me!!
  13. Hang on, if they are changing this, then what happens to the 'pusser grey'? All those OM's, pooring blood, sweat and tears painting, primer, under coat and over coats over and over again!!
  14. "Pusser Grey"? Submarines?
  15. Sorry, for some reason I thought it meant ships too, my bad :oops:
  16. Think PINK- after all the 1SL said that matelots were to be sent to the Gay Pride marches this year, plus all straight guys must attend the gay understanding courses, it'l be compulsory next.!!!! You serving folk hope?

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