New BRNC & Existing Phase Structure

Hi chaps,

In light of the recent change to 3 BRNC entries per annum (as of April I believe?), how is the existing structure of 7 week phases going to change to accomodate this (if at all)?

It seems that if the existing structure were to be kept, there'd be clashes between entries/graduations/phase starts/phase finishes - is this the case?

Furthermore, will there be any changes to the structure and requisite phases for individual branches (specifically ATC and X(SM) as they're the branches I'm applying for)?

I've got my sift interview fairly soon and I'd like to go along with the most up-to-date gen possible, so any enlightenment would be appreciated.

Can anyone also shed light on whether there are changes/mergers of IST and CFT? I asked at my AFCO but the Chief had no idea and my Liaison officer is off ill! Not urgent... Just curious!
As I understand it, IST will take place immediately after CFT now. I can shed no light on how the phase changes will affect officers in training, however. I'd be interested to know how that works myself.


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If I am right in assuming that IST is Initial Sea Training - phase 3 at BRNC, and CFT is Common Fleet Time - 4 months following BRNC, how can IST follow CFT? Unless I've misunderstood of course!
I'll take a wild guess then fwiw. I went through BRNC in the last of the old terms as the rest of the college changed to 6 entries around us.

The six entries brilliantly still correspond to the dates of the old terms- i.e. there're 2 entries per old 13 week term with all leave periods the same.

So, as a stab in the dark, it won't affect anyone currently under training because they'll be "legacy" types continuing on their merry way.

I could see CFT following IST directly, then X and S go back for specialist training term as, would you believe, Fleet Seniors.

Talk about reinventing the wheel.
In the bad old days of the late 70s everyone but Flight* entered at the start of each term only. The first half-term roughly corresponded with the current militarisation phase - ie lots of parade training, gym work, very basic NBC etc. Second half of that term was more classroom seamanship, navigation, service writing etc.

In term 2 all (stand fast Flight) went to Intrepid, for the term. Flight did "academic" for the first half term, which included basic theory of flight, met and naval history. Second half term we fitted in grading, two weeks at sea and anything else to fill the time, normally JOAC (junior officers air course, at VL). We then passed out.

In term three the non-Flight SLs did academics for one term, and so did the the GLs, but they had three terms of academics, taking five in total before passing out, as I recall.

*Flight joined every half-term/term, expect in June, due the the five week summer leave.

SL - Supplementary list - five/eight year commission, I think, could be extended, and some transferred to GL after a board.

GL - General List - full career commission, automatic promotion to Lt Cdr.
Sorry I've been a bit late with the reply

pompey_expat, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much for your help (and apologies for not spotting it the first time round!)

Thanks also to everone else that contributed.

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