New Branch Names


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sgtpepperband said:

So it's true, the Loggies have gone back to their original titles/badges.


Now, why the f*ck is a METOC now an OM with a NA badge?????

Why does a ME have a missile on his/her badge?????

And why does a WE have a prop on his/her badge????? Just give them back their WE badge.

Give the "Warfare Specialists" their old badges back -

Seaman - the old Seaman badge was good enough, wasn't it??

TAS Apes, Buntings, Sparkers - bring 'em back!!! At least then everyone knew where they stood.

Rant over.....
I suppose that the new title for me as a Killick would now be - Leading Seaman (Logistics) (Catering Services) (Preparation) (Officers), but Ldg/Ck(O) seemed to have a certain ring of truth about it at the time.

Bah! Humbug!


When I was on 'Relentless' 66-68 I was a Ldg Ck(S) and my oppo was a Ldg Ck(O) ! Has something changed since then!


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Well some us have always liked to be known as Directors in a large shipping company, some preferred to say that they Travelled in Government steel.

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