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Discussion in 'UPO/Careers Office' started by TattooDog, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Since there has been some discussion on new W, E and Logs branch names, I thought it would be an idea to post the full list on RR.

    I don't think I'm breaking any security stuff in doing this, as it may help a lot of the newbies (and some of the oldies!). Happy for anyone to correct these.

    For example, a POMEM will now be a POET(ME) and a LOM(AWT) will now be a Leading Seaman WS(AWT)

    Message to Mods - Any chance of making this a sticky?

    MOD EDIT-Done!

    The FAA have already gone over to AETs from AEMs/AEAs.

    Branch abbreviations in blue, but some of these will only be used on JPA

    Warfare Branch General Service

    Warfare Specialist (Above Water Tactical) WS(AWT)
    (Ops Room - Used to be R, RP, AWT etc)

    Warfare Specialist (Above Water Warfare) WS(AWW)
    (Missiles, 4.5s - Used to be G, M etc)

    Warfare Specialist (Underwater Warfare) WS(UW)
    (Sonars basically)

    Warfare Specialist (Electronic Warfare) WS(EW)
    (Pretty obvious)

    Seaman Specialist SEA
    (Upper deck stuff, Tactical Comms etc)

    Mine Warfare MW

    Communication Information Systems CIS
    (IS infrastructure, General Comms)

    Communications Technician CT
    (Same as before)

    Hydrography & Meteorology HM

    Survey Recorder SR

    Warfare Branch Submarines

    Warfare Specialist (Sensors SM) WS(SSM)

    Warfare Specialist (Tactical SM) WS(TSM)

    Communication Information Systems SM CISSM

    Seaman SM SEASM

    Engineering Branch General Service

    Engineering Technician (Marine Eng) ET(ME)
    (Combined MEMs and MEAs)

    Engineering Technician (Weapons Eng) ET(WE)
    (Combined WEMs, WEAs and the M part of the OM)

    Engineering Branch Submarines

    Engineering Technician (Marine Eng) SM ET(MESM)

    Engineering Technician (Weapons Eng) SM ET(WESM)

    Logistics General Service

    Logistics (Supply Chain) LOGS(SC)
    (Stores, SAs)

    Logistics (Personnel) LOGS(Pers)

    Logistics (Catering Services)(Preparation) LOGS(CS)(P)
    (Cooks, Chefs, Catering)

    Logistics (Catering Services)(Delivery) LOGS(CS)(D)

    Logistics Submarine

    Logistics (Supply Chain) SM LOGS(SC)(SM)

    Logistics (Personnel) SM LOGS(Pers)(SM)

    Logistics (Catering Services)(Preparation) SM LOGS(CS)(P)(SM)

    Logistics (Catering Services)(Delivery) SM LOGS(CS)(D)(SM)
  2. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    Someone at the top gets back handers from the badge printers, don't they? :lol:
  3. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    I was on course down at Raleigh at the beginning of last year and they gave us a presentation about the future of the Supply Branch. This whole "rebadging" thing was raised back then by the grinning Two-and-a-Half who'd been wheeled out to tell us all how lucky we were to have our trades dismembered. There was not one single person in the room other than the presenter who considered the whole thing at best to be anything other than an expensive PR exercise designed to flush even more of Pusser's money down the toilet. At worst, the Chefs present considered it a personal insult to their profession.

    Personally I'm just thrilled to hear that henceforth I'll be known as a Leading Log. My parents are going to be so proud.

    *Part or all of the previous statements may contain heavy elements of sarcasm.
  4. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    you know its the survey recorders I feel sorry for. they were called that when I joined up and they still haven't changed.
  5. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    Personally I'm just thrilled to hear that henceforth I'll be known as a Leading Log. My parents are going to be so proud.

    Does that mean new entrants will be known as skelfs, splinters or possibly twigs?? :???: :???: :cool:

    *Part or all of the previous statements may contain heavy elements of sarcasm.[/quote]
  6. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    A log is just another term for a big turd.
  7. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    Can get hold of pics of new badges if anyone wants them?
  8. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    I happen to be a POMEM(L), and will stay that, thank you.
  9. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    I suppose that the new title for me as a Killick would now be - Leading Seaman (Logistics) (Catering Services) (Preparation) (Officers), but Ldg/Ck(O) seemed to have a certain ring of truth about it at the time.

    Bah! Humbug!

  10. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    On the plus side the term Logistician is now widely recognised by most employers and makes the task of transferring the duties performed whilst in service to civilian speak that little bit easier. Consequently it should (in theory) make it easier to find employment after the RN.

    Small silver lining I know but then most of us tend to resist change when it comes, possibly because there is so much of it. I'd argue that this is not the worst of the issues about at the moment.

  11. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    I suppose if my son joined up as an SA he would certainly be chip of the old block....
  12. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    I suppose the CO's steward would be known as the Captains Log..
    Beam me up Scotty...
  13. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    Good idea actually. Does the server have enough room for all the new badges? :wink:
  14. Got my new badges on last week. LS CS (D) There for i still clean up sirs shit and wait for him to go to work and make his bed and plump his pillows!! I wouldnt have it any other way!!!!
  15. Sorry - been out for a while now but I take it that there is now no longer Artificers? (Or equivilent)
  16. Correct!

    Officially no Artificers, just Technicians - ET(WE), ET(ME) and AET.
  17. So let me get this then,from now on there are no OM'S,that title has no gone!!so don't warfare branch have anything to do with WE s**t now then.And as for Tifs,are they no more?do they still do the apprenticeship?
    When i was in the mob we went from AB's to OM's and now its changing again?
    Does anyone think this new change will help,and does anyone think changing to OM's in the first place ever worked??
    Its all bollocks really,gives some of the 60 odd admirals something to do though!!
  18. Yep, that's about it - Warfare Specialists will now do the stuff they used to do (RP, EW, Sonar etc)

    Technicians now. They join as ETs, do their Phase 1 & 2 training, sea job, promoted LET, training sea job, promoted POET etc. The apprenticeship is kind of spread through the career.

    I think they've realised that the OM idea won't really work any more.

    Ah yes, but those senior officers need some good, meaty projects to go on their reports and get them promoted :wink:
  19. Ta Dog,It'll all change again in five years time.What a complete waste of time and money all that cross training bollocks was from the old ops branches to warfare and we etc etc!!Is there any old Ops branch senior rates left then or have they all changed over?
    However,looking at the present prospects for the good old RN i don't think it'll make any difference what branch you're in as it can't be that technical checking on spanish fishermen and saving swimmers in the channel!!
  20. Re: New Branches From 30 Mar 07

    Hi can you email (PM)me the catering service badge please.

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