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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by barry, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Morning Shipmates

    Firstly, cards on table, never served. Why join?
    My Father (crossed the bar 3 yrs. ago) was in the Andrew 39/45 on DEMS. East Coast and Russian Convoys, including PQ 16, Operation Torch and Overlord plus lots of survivors leave, bit like the Uncle in Fools and Horses :lol: , Pompey rating, Field Gun Crew, ran at Bristol after the war.
    Uncle H.M.S. Illustrious.
    Great Uncle H.M.S. Chryibis.

    Father in Law (crossed 10yrs. ago), joined 1936, Chatam lad. served on V&W's before Flower Class Corvettes. H.M.S. Vimera and H.M.S. Crocus K.49 (H.M.S. Compass Rose in The Cruel Sea). Atlantic convoy escort, Dunkirk and Normandy landings. Called back to serve at Harwich during Suez.

    I could go on but I hope I have proved my credentials and look foreward to some lamp swinging.

    So for now, sandy bottoms lads and lassies.

  2. Welcome Barry. Why join? ... Why the hell not! Having tried it for 20 years I think I might just stay.

    Father in law sounds like he did a little bit more than Uncle Albert in Fools. Credit where credit is due - these guys went through a lot. Be proud!

    Charybdis - great name for a ship. I served in the last version of it.

  3. I left one little snippet out. My sons a bl**dy squaddie. Fat lot of sympathy at the recruiting office. WO2 says that it was about time one of our families got it right. :roll:

  4. Being a squaddie is not that bad, at least it is an honourable calling unlike the crabs.

  5. Welcome. I served on the 'Cherry B' when she was a gun Leander and was a great ship with an excellent company.

    "During the war" ;-)
  6. What era brigham?
  7. I was an young RO1(G) circa 78-79 and left when she went into the sheds for the refit.
  8. A little before my time. I was there between 88 and 90 - cracking ship and great crew. Had more than a few good foreign runs ashore once she found her sea legs again. She had been suffering more than her share of breakdowns and didn't last too long after I left her.

    Got some good phots of her. One in particular shows her on patrol in the Gulf next to a super-tanker. This was not long after the SOTON had her "accident". Think out OOW's were a little more alert after that.

  9. She was indeed a great ship. The ships company as a whole were fantastic and I really cannot remember that many who were disliked.

    I recall one incident when one of the AB Gunners, 'Doodes Dooley' had to fly back from Gib and had no money left as he had spent it all the evening before (the days of fortnightly pay). One of his messmates had a whip round on the ship and everyone put some dosh in to enable him to get home.

    On that ship, you could quite literally be ashore on your own for whatever reason and end up roped in with either the Stokers, Greenies, Jack Dustys etc as everyone was that close and no anomosity at all.

    The only other ship to hold a candle to it would be the Penelope. Strangely enough, another Leander.
  10. I hear you. Next job is a carrier - not going to be the same at all. In Frigates and Leanders you got to know almost everyone by name.

    Also remember getting roped into the stokers mess, but they used real rope and I couldn't leave until all the beer was gone. I ached for days!
  11. Welcome Barry,
    Enjoy your read and posts - and I wouldn't worry about the Squaddie bit, my son wants to be a Crab Officer (do they still call them Zobs anyone?)

    Hi also to SilverFox & Brigham600,

    1st commish of the Cherry B 69-71, joined her in Belfast, and sialed under the Red Duster to Pompey with two Captains - great ship, and good runs with all the company -- shame that they used her as a target.
  12. Hi Whitemouse - Like to say just how much I admire your bravery. Not everyone would admit their son wants to be a crab. Personelly, I've made mine sign a contract to the effect that he won't become a squaddie and especially a crab.

    Looks like we need a Cherry B page.

  13. was on the cherry B myself 71 -73 good commish
  14. Watch it you lot the Mods will be after you. :D

  15. I think I came onboard in Oman? as all your Fridges or Aircon was down. I was there on the Hunts for a 7 month tour, came across to offer some help...........or Squadron voluntered me. We arrived in about Aug 88 & left in about FEB 89. Soton was baby sitting us. Then we escorted her to Jebil Ali when she played footsie with the tanker. I have some good pics of her alongside & in the heavy lift ship. We saw a film of the Seadart Mag with missiles all over the place, think the ammo was put on a barge & dumped.
    Played footie in Jebel Ali village in Aug, sand pitch, collapsed bodies all over the shop, lying off the pitch under the sprinklers (only grass was off the pitch!)
  16. My idiot son has just joined Unit. 13 Air Assault SR supporting 16 AA and wants to do "P" Company. Who in their right mind wants to jump out of planes with a full Bergen for £5.00 a day extra. But there again, he is an Essex Boy, stationed in Colchester and 45mins. drive from home so Mummy can still dhobi his skid marks and annoy me at weekends!!!!!!!! Bless him.

  17. I thought it was only the the G placewe could not mention :)
  18. Having been trained to jump out of servicable planes I can assure you he will enjoy it, even with the bergen.

    I agree about the 45 mins away, you need to get them somewhere between 2 and 4 hours away, close enough to provide emergency support but far enough to discourage casual visits.

  19. Kids, funny buggers they are. They spend the majority of their teenage lives saying how they 'hate' the parents and cannot wait to leave home and then when they do, they actually then spend more time with parents than when they actually lived there. ;-) :)
  20. Maxi

    Must be honest ships, for the previous 10 mths, he has been 4hrs. away and only made it home once a month and he's not a bad lad so ho hum but I agree with you about too easy to just pop home, still the way things are at the moment his unit could be moving anywhere, anytime, still thats the job.


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