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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I was rummaging around the local bookshop and came across these new releases.







  2. Can I order a copy of the top one, as a regular of the Tube I'm sure it would be handy, Andy?
  3. ACC I am getting seriously worried about the amount of free time you have to find these things! The Heather Mills one was my personal favourite.
  4. 'scuse me Sandy but is Andy who's got the time on his 'hands. Wot wiv less work awl e's got time for these days is RR, trains, sex, bookspotting, waltspotting, trainspotting, trains, cho cho cho cho...... trainspotting, trains, locomotives, RR and sex!

    Here's another book I encountered at W.H.Smiths on Charing Cross Station this evening for just £20. I've bought it, just for the 40 pages of cat photographs!


    *Apologies to the HMS Neptune Association...
  5. Profuse apologies ACC - it should be Andy I'm worried about obviously. I'm sure Rosina will love the tribute! I'm off on hols now - see you when we get back minus number one son!
  6. AAC,

    Hilarious AAC - you brightened an otherwise wet and boring morning.

    Any More ?

  7. None yet, but congratulations on becoming a War Hero Whitemouse. 500 letters home, that's very impressive. Carry on writing! Incidentally are you any good at Uckers?
  8. Thanks AAC - I must admit I hadn't noticed :oops:

    As for Uckers - I considered myself a Master - unfortunately no-one else ever did..... 8O
  9. If only I could find a web site to order them from.

    Best chuckle I've had for ages.

    I thought it was only a rumour that Edward W. was of a comfortable shoed persuasion.
  10. Some good books there and I too enjoyed the Heather Mills one very much.
  11. Absolutely hilarious. As for Eddy, maybe. But mark my words, it is only a matter of time before william comes romping out of the closet.
    I would bet my pension on it. Brown as they come old Di's boy. Convinced I am.
  12. Yep, I tend to agree about Wills, sweet as can be.
    Don't know why he didn't opt for the Royal Arse Hortillery straight off.
  13. Does that mean you couldn't teach me?
  14. Correctamundo ...

    But there are a few websites that state they have the rules, or you could try Nutty or Lingyai or any of the other UAs.

    But I suspect you already are a Master - and are trying to wind up this poor Mouse :p !
  15. If this is the case and he then decides on a civil partnership, then who would be Queen?
  16. I suppose it would depend on the location of the 'crown jewels' at the time.
  17. Loved number five best but had a laugh at the rest. Keep them coming.
  18. I've printed out the rules, I just find it all very confusing, especially the bit about blobs!... I wouldn't wind up any mouse, even my freerange house mouse knows that. :lol:
  19. I am P7RD at the moment, so i have some time to spare. :lol: :lol:
  20. Dear Always

    Bit optimistic aren't you? You think what the PO Stoker talks about would fill a book that thick?

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